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Command and con-KERR.
Thomas Mitchell

22 Nov 2017 - 1:40 PM  UPDATED 22 Nov 2017 - 1:40 PM

Over the past few months, the Matildas have put the rest of Australia’s sporting teams to shame with their world-beating performances. In a period of just four weeks, they beat the legendary Brazil – where football was basically invented – three times in a row!

While the team is undoubtedly a well-oiled machine, much of this success can also be attributed to one Sam Kerr. The 24-year-old Australian forward has become a global superstar, scoring goals for fun and backflipping her way into the history books with outrageous performances.

As the Matildas prepare for a pair of friendly matches against China – all games live, free and in HD on SBS and SBS VICELAND – here are seven reasons you too should jump on the Sam Kerr bandwagon.  


1. The backflip

Can you do a backflip? No, you can’t. And do you know why you can’t? Because you’re not Sam flippin' Kerr. The Aussie superstar has made a habit of hurling herself into the air every time she scores a goal and it’s quickly become a viral sensation.


2. The brace against Brazil

Australia recently played Brazil in a friendly match, but there wasn’t anything friendly about the dismantling Sam Kerr served up. In front of a record crowd of more than 16,000, she scored two goals as Australia beat Brazil 3-2.


3. The jersey presentation

Need further proof that Sam Kerr fever is basically an epidemic? At a recent fixture, Australian fan Richard Cuthbert had crossed out Lucas Neill’s name on his old Socceroos jersey and written “KERR” in tape. Sam got wind of the makeshift jersey and made it her mission to present Richard with a real Sam Kerr jersey... at the game.


4. The hilarious #SamKerrFacts hashtag

Kerr’s on-field achievements are so out of this world that hashtag #SamKerrFacts has been dedicated to sharing fake (but very believable) facts about the footballer. Please enjoy a selection of the finest #SamKerrFacts:


5. The props from her peers

Despite being controversially snubbed from the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year shortlist, Kerr isn’t short on fans. Many of her Socceroos counterparts are leading the way with their plaudits, including fellow GOAT Tim Cahill. Meanwhile, I think we all know the answer to defender Trent Sainsbury's question:


6. The way she celebrates milestones: with cake

Earlier this year, Kerr was named the MVP of the National Women's Soccer League in the US. The Aussie star plays for New Jersey-based Sky Blue FC and scored a whopping 17 goals this season. How did she celebrate this milestone? With a cake as big as her head. We salute you, Sam.


7. The fact she trolls her sleeping teammates

Here in Australia, we like our sporting stars to be both talented and hilarious. Luckily for us, Kerr is both. Proving she’s not above a good old fashioned prank, she regularly posts pictures of her teammates sleeping for our enjoyment. Anyone that takes advantage of other people's poorly timed naps is clearly the kind of hero we need.


Where to watch Kerr next?

Matildas v China
Wednesday 22 November
7pm AEDT LIVE on SBS VICELAND + live streamed on The World Game website and app

Matildas v China
Sunday 26 November
4pm AEDT LIVE on SBS + live streamed on The World Game website and app


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