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This is not your average cooking show...
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17 Nov 2017 - 2:26 PM  UPDATED 17 Nov 2017 - 2:26 PM

Eddie Huang is a man of many hats (tilted to the side or flipped back). He’s a chef, restaurateur, accomplished author, TV show producer and hip-hop loving, doobie-smoking, jade medallion-wearing foodie with a taste for real (sometimes too real) culture.

Huang is not one for missed opportunities, which is why Huang’s World is so fresh to watch. In anticipation of the second season of the food show, we thought we’d share some of the craziest and most unexpected moments from season one.


The time a guy “put his foot in the soup”

Location: Jamaica

Apparently, this is a good thing – it means flavour complexity. When Eddie befriended a group of locals on the side of the road, they were gracious enough to share their delicious soup with him. Sharing food is the quickest way to make friends, and Huang isn’t shy about showcasing the generosity of small communities.


The time Sicilian locals assumed Huang knew karate because he’s Asian

Location: Italy

While most would be offended by small-town locals assuming all Asian people know karate, Huang knew it was a compliment that worked in his favour. Despite having no martial arts training whatsoever, he enthralled the crowd with “karate” moves.


The time Huang announced he was “going to eat so many f***ing tacos” and then did it

Location: Mexico

Huang is a huge fan of Mexican food, especially foods specific to borderland regions like Tijuana. But at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as “bad Mexican food”? Here he is showing you what you are most likely now craving:


The time Huang took us to Hooters because why not

Location: USA 

Huang returned to his hometown of Orlando, Florida, where he took us on a tour of his childhood. His favourite eateries are worlds away from the roller-coasters and magic kingdoms. So if you are ever in Huang’s neighbourhood and hear the word “Mofongo”, don’t get upset. You’re not being insulted, you’re being offered a delicious Puerto Rican dish. And no, you can’t get it from Mickey.


The time Huang busted a myth about truck stops

Location: France

In Burgundy, France even the rest stops are gourmet. Where else but in this region of France can truck drivers stop for a pack of smokes, and, oh, how about some fresh mozzarella, garlic green beans and a nice 2013 Chablis for the road? In this episode, Eddie was wowed by a buffet serving foods not even found in some of the best sit-down restaurants in Manhattan.


The time Huang soared over Turkey in a balloon

Location: Turkey

In between eating freshly made lamb kofta and baklava, Huang went up in a hot air balloon and enjoyed a bucket list moment most people didn’t know was possible. These unexpected moments of grace are what he likes to showcase – the things that make us similar, rather than what keeps us divided. Who would have thought? Huang also asked a very valid question while floating hundreds of feet in the air:


The time Huang got high on beetle nuts in Taiwan

Location: Taiwan

There are few things more interesting than visiting Asian night markets. One of those is taking a culinary tour while getting high on home-made amphetamine “chews” purchased from Beetle Nut Girls – friendly Bing-Lang vendors on the side of the road offering you access to peppy treats that will rot your teeth faster than you can say Big Book of British Smiles.


The time Huang tried on a bootleg coat and asked if it was made of rat fur

Location: China

He was kidding, and everyone laughed. But when we’re talking about the country that makes most of the stuff we own, it’s easy to forget each one of those things has to get made in a factory somewhere. And factories = pollution. And while the pollution isn't great, the dim sum is amazing.


Huang's World season two starts Saturday 18 November at 7:30pm on SBS VICELAND. Catch up on season one at SBS On Demand:

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