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Watch out for the Jacobs, the super-powered clan at the heart of a thrilling new French-Canadian drama.
Gavin Scott

13 Dec 2017 - 12:10 PM  UPDATED 4 Jan 2018 - 12:45 AM

Families that don’t get along are a TV trope as old as, well, TV. But there’s never been a family quite like the Jacobs. Across three generations, they display the types of powers many of us would love to possess. But it quickly becomes apparent the super skills are accompanied by some pretty significant downsides.

For one thing, the abilities have torn the Jacobs apart, with family members barely speaking to each other. As we enter their story in the first episode of Premonitions, they’re thrown back together under dire circumstances. And you don’t need to be able to see into the future to realise that’s not going to end well…


Mum Clara can see people’s futures

You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Clara Jacob (Pascale Bussières) – she’ll take a look into your future and use it against you. She makes use of that skill as a high-stakes poker player, knowing when to hold and when to fold by looking into the eyes of her opponents. There’s a catch, though. Clara can’t see what’s in store for her family members – something that might have come in handy given the precarious situation in which we find the Jacobs in the opening minutes of Premonitions.


Daughter Liliane just wants to be loved

Liliane (Sophie Desmarais) would probably have no trouble finding herself a boyfriend, but she relies on her ability to bewitch and beguile men. Her power permits her to make others do what she wants or see what she wants them to – specifically, she convinces her lovers she doesn’t have some pretty nasty scarring on her body. Problem is, Liliane sometimes messes around with people’s heads a bit too much and, as we see in the first episode, that can send them off the deep end.


Son Arnaud is the family’s voice of reason

Not all the Jacobs embrace their abilities. Liliane’s twin brother, Arnaud (Mikhaïl Ahooja), resists using his mind reading and memory erasing skills. As a result, he suffers pretty severe migraines, but at least he gets to take the moral high ground. To say the relationship between Arnaud, who has a wife and son, and the rest of the family is tense is an understatement. He still lives in the small town from which his mother and sister fled under a dark cloud some time ago, and is not too thrilled to be drawn back into their drama.


The grandkids are coming into their own

Since special powers run in the Jacob line, the family is waiting to see how they will manifest in Liliane’s daughter, Félicia (Jade Charbonneau), and Arnaud’s son, Romain (Liam Patenaude). Looks like they won’t have to wait too long, with Félicia’s birthday coinciding with a display of what can only be an enhanced ability. As for little Romain, is the fact that he chats away to an imaginary friend as innocent as it seems?


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