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Make your excuses with friends/family this coming long weekend and embrace some time on the couch watching this under-the-radar gem at SBS On Demand.
25 Jan 2018 - 3:26 PM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2018 - 3:39 PM

A psychological thriller based on the novel by Kem Nunn, Chance stars Hugh Laurie as Eldon Chance, a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist. Eldon reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness. It's a dark drama with a very strong Hitchcock flavour running through it.

Now, with the second season launching at SBS On Demand, and a long weekend offering you enough time to get stuck into this electric series.

Season 1 Episode 1  — The Summer Of Love

Psychiatrist Eldon Chance is facing divorce while trying to save his relationship with his daughter. Tired of patients with intractable disorders, he decides to help to an enigmatic woman who is besieged her abusive ex-husband.

Season 1 Episode 2  — The Axiom Of Choice

Unnerved by D's violent behaviour, Chance tries to help Jaclyn through more legitimate channels. Jaclyn's husband threatens Chance and his daughter.


Season 1 Episode 3  — Hiring It Done

Jaclyn claims that 'Jackie' was the one who confronted him in his lobby, and tells Chance more about her and her husband Raymond. Chance receives a mysterious package and his office manager Lucy offers a theory about who sent it. After confiding with Suzanne, Chance is warned to back away from his growing obsession.

Season 1 Episode 4  — The Mad Doctor

Chance and D begin surveillance of Blackstone, hoping to get hard evidence of his corruption. Chance's desire to help Jaclyn veers into obsessive, making him question the mission and his own sanity.

Season 1 Episode 5  — A Still Point In The Turning World

Chance consults with a doctor because of worries over his health. And desperate to incriminate Detective Blackstone, Chance and D take their surveillance to the next level hoping to get hard evidence of his corruption.

Season 1 Episode 6  — The Unflinching Spark

Chance is aghast to learn that in the process of getting the files, D has killed a man - and may have killed Blackstone as well. And if Blackstone is alive, he may have seen D. With Blackstone possibly hospitalised, Chance and D plan to break into his apartment.

Season 1 Episode 7  — Unlocking Your Hidden Powers

While D is in hospital, Chance learns more about his past – and it's very different than what D has claimed. Meanwhile, He exhorts Christina to leave town for her own safety, and makes plans to go into hiding himself.

Season 1 Episode 8  — The House Of Space And Time

After hearing his father's plan to get custody, a disoriented but determined D awakens and leaves the hospital against medical advice. Carl tries to convince D to go back to the hospital, but he is on a mission. Chance is stuck with Jaclyn's alter-ego, who has been working at a seedy job.

Season 1 Episode 9  — Camera Obscura

Chance makes a devil's deal with Blackstone in order to save Nicole, and D makes clear that Chance may have to make some unsavoury choices. As the details of Jaclyn and Blackstone's history come to light, D helps Chance prepare for the worst. But when Nicole is recovered more easily than expected, she has news that stuns her father and makes him realise the situation is even more complicated than he believed. Chance heads for a final and dangerous confrontation, and must make a difficult and terrifying choice.


You can also get a start on season 2, which debuts at SBS On Demand from Thursday evening 25 January:

Season 2 Episode 1  — Multiaxial System

Doctor Eldon Chance fights new dangers, His mind opens up a dark world after coming across new threats after the events of the season 1 finale.

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