The beloved French procedural crime drama Spiral returns to SBS this week. For loyal fans of the show, the wait has been excruciating.
28 Mar 2018 - 5:33 PM  UPDATED 28 Mar 2018 - 5:46 PM

The French crime thriller Spiral is back for a sixth season about the imperfect people upholding law and order in Paris. It is a series that has built a considerable fan following since it debuted in 2005, with SBS viewers as excited about the series as viewers are internationally.

Series 5 of Spiral entered production back in 2014, meaning it has been a long time for fans to wait for this current series.With the sixth season making its debut this week on SBS, we've taken a look back at viewer feedback we received after series 5 aired.

Here's a sample of some of the emails we received from viewers - names redacted to protect the enthusiastic:

  • “Thanks for this great service. Lately, I’ve been drooling a little in anticipation of ‘Spiral', series 6. Will that be available soon? Things are getting messy.”
  • “Spiral is addictive!”
  • “Fabulous crime series.”
  • “This is an excellent program.”
  • “My wife and son really enjoyed the French crime series Spiral and watched the whole 5 series. They persuaded me to watch it too and I have been completely absorbed.”

Series 6 contains 12 episodes with the first 6 of them streaming now at SBS On Demand. (Our subtitling team are racing to get the next 6 episodes ready to go).

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