What a weekend. First it was gone. Then it was back. I don't know how much more of this we can take.
14 May 2018 - 12:21 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2018 - 12:26 PM

It's been a rough few days. First Brooklyn Nine Nine got cancelled and we had all of the feels. Fox declined to continue the series for a sixth season, yanking the show from our TV screens (but not our hearts).

We were crestfallen, spending our weekend walking the streets, weeping against the shoulders of sympathetic strangers in the streets, calling loved ones to make sure they were okay, and periodically falling to our knees and shaking our fists at the skies while shouting a declarative "Noooooooooooo!"

But then the clouds parted. the sun came out, the birds started singing, and a miracle happened - NBC told NBCUniversal television Distribution (both subsidiaries of Kabletown, as I understand it) that they'd be happy giving it a new home.

It's back, baby! 

For 13 glorious episodes, Jake Peralta is coming back to television and he's bringing the whole Brooklyn Nine Nine gang with him.

The fans are happy:

The cast of the show are happy:

Even Luke Skywalker is happy:

Brooklyn Nine Nine airs in Australia Wednesday nights at 8pm on SBS VICELAND with episodes streaming at SBS On Demand:

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