• Justin Bieber abandoned hundreds of fans in Norway. Sing along to the musical about the moment. (SBS VICELAND)Source: SBS VICELAND
Get to your feet and turn up the TV volume to drown out your voice as you sing along to the infectious and hilarious songs about Justin Bieber storming off stage.
Dan Barrett

16 May 2018 - 1:03 PM  UPDATED 22 May 2018 - 2:10 PM

On October 29, 2015, Justin Bieber gave a concert in Oslo.

After one song, Bieber saw a water spill on the stage. He cancelled the show and left the country leaving hundreds of fans in despair.

In 2018 chart-topping Norwegian comedy duo YLVIS investigated the truth behind what happened... through song.

These are their lyrics.


Justin Bieber:

Are you ready for me, Norway

For a superstar inside a private jet

Tonight I'm gonna
set the crowd on fire

Gonna give you
something that you won't forget

Cause I beliebe, I beliebe, I beliebe
you're ready

I beliebe, I beliebe
you're ready for The Bieb

I'm biggest star
that's ever been to Norway
and tonight I'm gonna
make you all beliebe.



I am ready for you, Justin

For the best night
of my 16 year old life

I'm gonna be there early
gonna stand in line
and I bet I am the only girl
who made a sign


Got a feeling
you will notice me tonight

And I beliebe, I beliebe, I beliebe

I love you

You're the only one

You're so amazing,

I can't believe that you are real

Am I real? Am I really real?

I beliebe, I beliebe, I beliebe

I beliebe you're perfect

And nothing's gonna change
the way I feel

Cause tonight
gonna be the best night ever


Justin Bieber:

Yes, tonight

I'm gonna blow your minds



Cause tonight

He will change our lives forever


Justin Bieber:

I'm changing
a whole lot of teenage lives tonight


News reporters:

Oh my God, have you heard the news?

Justin is in town

He can try to hide, he can try to run
but we're gonna hunt him down

Does he stay at Rica, Scandic,

Continental or The Thief?

He just came from the toilet

Did he poop?

We don't know, but if he did,

it is a super scoop!


"Justin talked to a Norwegian girl"

"Justin learned to say tusen takk"

I can't believe
this is really happening

I'm gonna have a heart attack

Forget those boring stories
about Syrian refugees

We know what you want,
and we'll give it to you

Justin Bieber, please


Superstar in Norway


"Justin tasted Norwegian fisk!"


Superstar in Norway

Grab that camera, get in the car

We gotta get a picture
of the superstar!



Attention! Housekeeping

Justin's on his way

Make sure everything is
a hundred percent

So Justin gets a perfect stay

Pillow sweet

Plate of fruit

Norwegian shitting snack

Let's turn the minibar into a maxibar

Brown cheese, porn and crack




Tonight we're gonna touch

Justin Bieber's pants

Tonight we're gonna touch his face

And if you try to stand in our way

Don't stand in our way!



If Justin wants a Norwegian watch
he can get one here today

No pressure, he can do as he likes,
but if he wants one I am
here, all alone

I am here in my shop by myself
but maybe someday I...




Superstar in Norway



Breaking news:

Justin on "Senkveld" tonight


Superstar in Norway

Way to go, TV2

A Justin Bieber interview!


Thomas Numme:

He, she, it, is

English, yes, hello


Harald Rønneberg:

I am Rønnis


Thomas Numme:

Nummis here


Harald and Thomas:

And we have a TV show


Thomas Numme:

Do you want to take over the show?


Justin Bieber:

Sure, can I sit in your chair?


Thomas Numme:

Of course you can,
whatever you please!


Harald Rønneberg:

Amazing atmosphere!


Thomas Numme:

Are you wanting some Coca-Cola?

Or questions about your career?


Justin Bieber:

Yeah, I was thinking,
can we do some sit-ups?


Thomas Numme:

Of course we can, right here!




Superstar in Norway



Harald Rønneberg:

Nummis, this interview is great!




Superstar in Norway


Thomas Numme:

This is just like Jimmy Kimmelson!

Jimmy Kimmelson!




Superstar in Norway





What's happening?

Where did he go?

Where is he?

What happened to the show?

13 hour bus ride for just one song?

Smiley face, happy cat, party hat

My emojis were wrong

Where did you go?

Why did you stop the show?



Is he gone? What's going on?

Will he come back?

Will I get paid?


Moustache man:

What about my afterparty tickets!

Will I still get laid?



We went on a study trip to London.

This is not our fault.



This must be how it was
to be on the Titanic
that night, so afraid and alone
without him

Justin, please come back

Come back on stage,
sing another song

We're in control

I swear, it wasn't me

Am I dreaming?


Thomas Numme:

Rønnis, what is going on?


Moustache man:

I just came here to get laid
for the first time of my life



One drop of water
made him stop the show

Where did he go?


Justin Bieber:

Since I was a little boy

I've been on the road

I've always been a superstar

Parties, models, swimming pools

Never went to elementary school,

and now I don't know who I are

Can it be
there's another life out there
where girls don't send me
pictures of their tits?

Yes, I dream
about a quiet, simple life

No limos, no blow jobs, no fans,
no Billboard hits

One day I'm gonna be
an average, boring, ordinary,
normal boy 

I'm gonna be an unattractive,
nerdy, poor, and stupid,
normal boy

Normal house

Normal car

Normal espresso machine

Can't wait to be
an ugly, tone deaf, uncoordinated,
normal boy

I could have been a butcher

Butching all day long

Or the guy who drives
that long, long crowded car

Or maybe a construction man

In a giant yellow construction van
with fancy sticks and wheels,
and handlebars

Yes, I feel
this is the perfect life for me

So much better than crying in hotels

I don't need
my luxurious shitting chair

I can shit in bags
like everybody else 

One day I'm gonna be
an average, boring, ordinary,
normal boy

I'm gonna be an unattractive,
nerdy, poor, and stupid
normal boy

Normal hat

Normal bike

Normal flat screen TV

Can't wait to be
an ugly, tone deaf, uncoordinated,
normal boy

One day I'm gonna be
an average, boring, ordinary,
normal boy


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