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Batgirl joins Batman and Robin every Friday night on SBS VICELAND - here's what you need to know about Gotham's awesome 'new' crime fighter.
Dan Barrett

8 Jun 2018 - 3:39 PM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2018 - 5:20 PM

Gotham City finally has the hero it deserves - Batgirl is joining the team.

When the 1966 Batman TV series launched, it was a HUGE pop cultural phenomenon. The show was a top 10 ratings hit, inspiring merchandise and plenty of homemade Batman & Robin capes. It even inspired that great feature film with the bat shark repellent which played in cinemas between the shows first and second seasons. But by the time the show came back for its third season in 1967, the tide had turned. Kids were still watching the show, but it had lost its cool factor as the novelty wore. Producers had to find something to bring back viewers.

Enter: Batgirl.

Played by Yvonne Craig, Batgirl was a brand new character to the Batman comics that they brought to television. Her secret identity is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon. Librarian by day, costumed hero by night. And late afternoon - the library seems to have some fairly restrictive opening hours.

Here's what you need to know about Batgirl.

Her secret lair is hidden in her funky 60's apartment

Pressing a secret button on her dressing table opens up the secret entrance to her hidden Batgirl lair. The wall swings around to reveal her Batgirl costume hanging on the wall and her red Batgirl wig waiting on a mannequin head. In here is also access to her Batgirl cycle. 

Ultimately, it's very cool and I'm annoyed that I am not allowed to install a similar set-up at home.


For more Batman, you can also listen to the BATMANLAND podcast, taking you inside every episode:

She has her own theme song

Her theme song is incredibly groovy. Just try to not have it stuck in your head for hours after hearing it.

But.... the lyrics are certainly not what we would really find acceptable these days.

Batgirrrl, Batgirl! Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Where do you come from, where do you go? 
What is your scene, baby, we just gotta know.
Batgirrrl, Batgirl! Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Are you a chick who fell in from outer space?
Or are you real with a tender warm embrace?
Yaaa, whose baby are you?
Batgirrrl, Batgirl!
Yaaa, whose baby are you?

Whose baby are you?  Gross.

Batman and Robin don't know who she is

In the comics Batman is supposed to be the worlds greatest detective. And in the TV show he has deduced some amazingly improbable mysteries. But the biggest mystery of all is yet to be solved on this show: Just who is Batgirl? The one person who does know is Batman/Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred. But he's a gentleman, so could never betray her confidence.

She has her own Batcycle 

Yes, it is concerning that she doesn't wear a helmet. Safety is of the utmost importance - superhero or otherwise. But, it's still a cool set of wheels.


Watch Batgirl's debut episodes, here


Check out Batgirl on the new-look Batman TV show airing every Friday night at SBS VICELAND from 7:30pm.