We're sorry, Aunt Lydia. Due to SBS's commitment to The 2018 FIFA World Cup, there's a change to 'The Handmaid's Tale' for this week.
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18 Jun 2018 - 12:15 PM  UPDATED 21 Jun 2018 - 5:23 PM

SBS has been home to The World Cup for decades and as one of the biggest sporting events in the world, it's understandable that fans want to be able to watch games live on SBS. Unfortunately this week, the live events clash with episode 10 of The Handmaid's Tale. Discussions were had and decisions made - for this week, The Handmaid's Tale will not be broadcast on SBS this Thursday night, 21 June 2018. But, it is streaming now at SBS On Demand.

Rest assured, we are obsessed with The Handmaid's Tale and we are doing what we can to keep the disruption to a minimum. 

How to watch Season 2, Episode 10: 'The Last Ceremony'

Broadcast - Unfortunately, due to the schedule clash with the football, the show can't be screened on TV this week. However, both episode 10 & 11 will air the following week back-to-back from 8:30pm on SBS on 28 June. And then we'll be all caught up and in line with the US.

Broadcast in WA - Episode 10 ('The Last Ceremony') and episode 11 ('Holly') will air on SBS VICELAND on Friday 29 June from 8:30pm. More details can be found HERE.

Streaming - Episode 10 is streaming now at SBS On Demand:

The Eyes on Gilead podcast

This year SBS has produced a companion podcast for season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale. Every week Fiona, Natalie, and Haidee discuss the new episode as soon as it airs on SBS. A brand new Eyes on Gilead podcast will come out, so anyone watching along with it at SBS On Demand won't miss out. If you are watching it on broadcast, just download and save the episode so you can listen to it next week. 

The Eyes on Gilead team discuss this week's episode, ep 10, here:

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The Handmaid Tale airs (most) Thursdays nights at SBS Thursday nights at 8:30pm. You can stream all of season one anytime at SBS On Demand:

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