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Who doesn't love ice-cream? Stop pretending otherwise.
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29 Jun 2018 - 3:56 PM  UPDATED 2 Jul 2018 - 4:15 PM

Sure, it's currently winter, with many of us rugging up to beat the chill. But there is no reason why you should let common sense stop you from stepping out to find a delicious ice-cream this weekend. 

In recent years, there has been no shortage of amazing ice-cream and gelato stores opening up across Australia. It's actually a surprise to be disappointed by the quality of what's in your cone nowadays. But, it's always fun to find an ice-cream shop that takes things to the next level with delicious ice-cream AND a great novelty approach. 

So, this weekend, inbetween SBS On Demand marathons and staying up late for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, maybe embrace a different type of cup.

Aqua S (SYD/MEL)

Getting a 50 cent cone of soft serve might be fine for the stumble home on a Friday night or when you're desperate for a soft serve fix, but the world is an exciting place filled with many more soft serve-based options. And options don't get more interesting than at Aqua S. A staple on the menu is their sea salt ice-cream (it's actually really delicious, but your scepticism is understandable), but twice a month they add deliciously wild flavours like watermelon pear, taro, matcha, and egg pudding. And while you're at it, add a toasted marshmallow or some fairy floss onto that. 

Duo Duo (SYD)

This food truck in Sydney is known for its deep fried icecream. Who among us can pretend to understand how one can deep fry icecream, but the team at Duo Duo have mastered this dark art - with the addition of delicious toppings.

Popstic (MEL)

In this day and age of fancy ice-cream and gelato stores, it's easy to forget that sometimes the best ice-cream can come on a stick. But, not content with retro stick ice-cream, the trendy folk at Popstic have also embraced the bento box as the ultimate ice-cream delivery system.

The Byron Gelato (BNE)

Sure, you think you're an adult with your mortgage, paying your bills on time, and pants that have actually been ironed, but try and resist this Eat Street Markets dessert stall with its ice-cream tacos. When you're standing there with ice-cream dripping down your fingers as you're having the time of your life with one of these, your 'adult' status will be deliciously null and voided.

Lickits (SYD)

Just as Gelato really isn't ice-cream, there's no case really to be made for frozen custard to be confused with proper ice-cream. But you know what? It's frozen, dairy, and comes in a cup (and cone sometimes). Sometimes you just have to roll with it and just be open to putting something delicious on your spoon. Don't expect a fancy experience at Lickits - it's an earthy way-out-in-the-suburbs venue. But their frozen custard is reliably delicious and there's a reason their store packs out on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Sit down with the one you love with a spoon in hand and watch Isaac Lappert on The Ice-Cream Show every Saturday night at 6:40pm on SBS VICELAND as he crosses the country for the best ice cream. Episodes will also be available to stream anytime at SBS On Demand:

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