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Nick Bhasin

3 Jul 2018 - 4:31 PM  UPDATED 3 Jul 2018 - 4:44 PM

I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but Desus & Mero is ending this week. The final episode airs on SBS VICELAND tonight (it’s already streaming at SBS On Demand).

For almost two years, the show has been so much better than its format would suggest - two dudes sitting in recliners cracking jokes about news stories (no thanks!) and stuff that’s popular on the Internet (gross!). And then there’s the interview segment, which puts a celebrity guest in between the dudes - and they’re all facing the same way (awkward!!).

And yet, Desus (Daniel Baker) and Mero (Joel Martinez) make it work because there is nothing else like this show on TV.

Unlike some cooler people out there, I didn’t become aware of these guys on Twitter. I didn’t listen to the Complex magazine podcast-turned-video show or watch whatever they did on MTV. And I didn’t listen to the Bodega Boys podcast. My first introduction to them was the SBS VICELAND show, which instantly won me over (and I’m not alone).

Now, I don’t want to make this about race (at least, not ALL about race), but there are a lot of white talk show hosts out there. In fact, almost all talk show hosts are white. Some of them are good and some of them are just okay. And none of them have the energy of Desus and Mero.

Even now, with all the complaints about identity politics and political correctness, you can’t really get this kind of unfiltered entertainment that allows people of colour to be themselves, deliver their own messages and tell their own stories. And as this kind of content (hopefully) proliferates, we won’t need to mention that the fact these guys are black is part of what makes it special. But until we achieve that kind of representation, we have to point out that this is one of the reasons this show is fun.

As evidence, you should of course watch as many full episodes as you can before they go away next year (when Desus and Mero will have a new show on another network the name of which escapes me). But if you need more convincing, I am prepared to show you just how funny the show is with these hilarious clips.



“Yeah, we white.”

The description of Republicans cheering for Donald Trump at the State of the Union address is great. As is the reaction to Trump’s condescension while claiming to have reduced black unemployment.


Angry Jamaican Fathers

Patrick Ewing yelling at one of his players brings back childhood memories for Desus…


LeBron James and Kevin Durant ride in an Uber together

If you’re not an NBA fan or a Fox News junkie (guilty! haha jk), you might have missed the whole thing where Laura Ingraham told LeBron James, the best basketball player in the world, to “shut up and dribble”.

You might also have missed when James had his Brentwood mansion spray-painted with the N-word.

This is serious stuff and needs to be handled carefully. Not by these guys. They focus on the way Kevin Durant, probably the second best basketball player in the world, says “that’s crazy” after James recounts his racist graffiti incident, which somehow makes it look like he actually did it.

Imagine! These guys are doing some promotional thing for Uber and they seem to be friends and meanwhile KD is tagging his house with the N-word! It’s so horrible and hilarious. Amazing.


Scorpion vs Wasp

The over the top reaction to the viciousness of this fight is fun and indicative of their general vibe.


“This is how white people resolve relationship problems on St Patrick’s Day”


Mo’Nique calls her husband “Daddy”

Before I watched this, I wasn’t sure who Charlamagne was and after I watched it, I was even less sure. Is he on NYC radio? Either way, this clip goes into intraracial politics (lots of cracks about light-skinned black people) and gender relations.


The Sonic Rings

I was pretty sure that Sonic the Hedgehog was popular a long time ago, but these guys employ the rings to emphasise the kind of epic humiliation suffered by Wesley Johnson while covering James Harden.


“This is how white ladies get to talk to the cops”


“I politely asked her to shut the f--- up”

This is just a great video of an Uber driver losing it.


A man suggests a woman do his dishes and gets put to mfin’ sleep


When someone named DJ Envy invited Desus and Mero on a radio show called The Breakfast Club and demanded an apology

Obviously, these guys talk a lot of sh-t. And it seems like it’s usually taken in the right spirit. Not this time…


“I’m not a Star Wars character in real life”

The interviews aren’t my favourite part of this show, but sometimes the right guest comes along who is much more relaxed than he or she might normally be and the result is a lot of fun. I didn’t know anything about John Boyega before this and now I think he’s fantastic.

See also: This interview with NBA player Kyle O’Quinn.


A white basketball player is good: “Do not let Donald Trump see this”


The Zuckerberg hearings and racism for no reason


“10 minutes for spicy?!”

People losing their minds in public is a favourite subject of conversation…


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The last episode of Desus & Mero airs tonight at 1:10am on SBS VICELAND. It is streaming at SBS On Demand: