• The Joker presents the newly wedded Batman and Catwoman to an enthusiastic crowd at Sydney's Kings Comics (SBS)Source: SBS
With Batman marrying Catwoman in the Batman comic series, a Sydney comic store held its own wedding with two customers tying the knot in store.
Dan Barrett

16 Jul 2018 - 2:54 PM  UPDATED 16 Jul 2018 - 2:59 PM

The sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman has been a long-time feature of the Batman stories for decades. This stretches back to the classic 1966 Batman TV series, with Julie Newmar's Catwoman purring at Adam West's Batman. But after years of tension, DC Comics recently chose to take things to the next level. In a very special comic book event, Batman proposed to Catwoman with the nuptials planned for July. 

While the marriage never quite came to happen in the comics, with Catwoman jilting Batman at the altar, it didn't stop local store Kings Comics in Sydney from staging their own Bat-wedding. Two regular customers agreed to get married in store on the day of the release of Batman #50, the comic featuring the wedding. 

Siobhan Coombs, the Marketing Manager at Kings Comics, was the mastermind behind the in-store wedding: "I thought this was a nice opportunity to do something different and see if any of our customers wanted to get married in costume. I literally put the question out on Facebook."

She admitted that she wasn't sure anyone would take her up on the offer, but received three responses on the first day from eager comic book fans who wanted to give it a go. In the end, Coombs selected a couple who were looking to renew their vows.

"There were some people interested in getting married, but we couldn't live up to their [needs]... We couldn't fit that many people into the store".

The bride and groom are both active cosplayers who loved the opportunity to dress up and jumped at the chance to take part in this, renewing their vows. Neither are strangers to elaborate dress for a wedding, with 'Catwoman' explaining that "After I got married in a castle in medieval outfits, I think anything goes as long as it's fancy dress".

Wedding celebrant Monty King volunteered his services for the occasion, dressing up as the Joker for the occasion. At first, King was concerned that he couldn't get away with wearing the Joker's face-paint with his own beard, but after seeing Cesar Romero in an episode of Batman on SBS VICELAND where the actor would routinely paint over his moustache, King was convinced that he could get away with it. 

What King hadn't anticipated was that inhaling in the paint on his face would make breathing a bit difficult. Professional as he is, the show went on. 

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