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It's the biggest regional B&S (Bachelor & Spinster) ball in Victoria, but don't expect to find any ballroom dancing on display here.
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17 Jul 2018 - 5:05 PM  UPDATED 20 Jul 2018 - 9:40 AM

North-east of Bendigo on the Campaspe River in Victoria is the small town of Elmore. Each year it is home to one of the longest-running field days, a three-day event filled with exhibits to help grow farmers business', with machinery demonstrations, ewe trials, and cropping demonstrations.

Elmore is also home to regional Victoria's largest B&S ball where each year thousands of young people attend to party with their mates and possibly find love.

As First Aid officer Rian Holden explains:

The doco Tinnies, and True Love explains that B&S balls started as a way for isolated men and women to get together. In some rural regions, people can live as far as 80 miles from their nearest neighbour. But before viewers start picturing a genteel event with polite milk-drinking young men in Akubra hats dancing, the documentary is quick to show the reality of these events. The first minute shows a mid-afternoon reveler wearing silver electrical tape around his waist, taping a Coke can to his groin to represent his genitalia.

He's just one of the colourful characters making their presence known.

Lighting up the screen is 21 year-old Ashlie. She knows how to build a ute and is proud of the winged pig hood ornament that gives her ute its distinctive character. As Ashlie informs us, her goal this year at the Elmore B&S is to win the wet t-shirt competition for the second year. She is resolutely holding firm to her NYE resolution not to drink for a year, so it will be her first B&S ball sober. 

Glen "Macca" Macdonald, a charming 45 year-old larrikin, has been to about 85 different B&S balls. He's since assembled quite the collection of commemorative t-shirts and stubbie holders. Macca is hoping to pick up at the Elmore B&S.

Does Macca find love at the B&S ball? Will Ashlie win the wet t-shirt competition for a second year-running? Find out in Tinnies and Love, streaming now at SBS On Demand:

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