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Business idea: A green fast food truck delivering healthy food options
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13 Aug 2018 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2018 - 11:22 AM

Abu is 24 years old and immigrated to Australia from Pakistan with his family when he was just three. He studied medical science at university, is a devout Muslim who has memorised the Quran, and would love to play cricket for Australia one day. After his mother suffered a heart attack, Abu became her main carer and now needs a job with flexible working hours to accommodate this role.

With an end goal of making enough money to buy a house for his family, Abu continues to apply for jobs that match his qualifications but feels his appearance, name and faith may be contributing to employer discrimination against him.

Abu’s business idea is inspired by his mother’s health needs — a green fast food truck delivering healthy food options. “For a long long time I’ve always had this goal in my mind to be my own boss,” he says. “That would be the dream”.

Where is he now?

After being selected as one of the final six with his green food truck idea, Abu secured himself a spot alongside Yarrie and Ian to develop a business start up based on Yarrie’s ginger tonic recipe. Eventually landing on the name and concept of Daily Tonic, Abu worked hard within the group to get the business kicked off and pitched to investors.

Abu is still involved in Daily Tonic with Yarrie and the business now has over 100 customers. Abu attributes the improvement in his mother’s health to her regular use of the tonics. 

Currently focussed on refining the product and developing new lines, Daily Tonic is now on the lookout for an investor.