Rachel Griffiths stars in this Aussie crime thriller about a police detective hunting the killer of her former partner. Meanwhile the rookie officer helping her suspects she had something to do with his death. This gripping drama is available to binge-watch now at SBS On Demand.
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15 Aug 2018 - 10:15 PM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2018 - 10:15 PM

This gripping Australian crime drama stars award-wining Rachel Griffiths as stubborn but brilliant Detective Grace Gibbs, obsessed with avenging the murder of her junior officer. She is helped on her mission by rookie detective played by Yoson An. Set against Sydney's stunning locations, this high-energy and cinematic thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

"Dead Lucky just might be the most SBS show ever made. The four-part series... is ostensibly a crime thriller, and a pretty decent one at that. There's a serial bandit and cop killer on the loose, a missing-presumed-dead girl, a shop owner who's been slain with his own gun, and a man wrongfully accused of his murder. That's plenty to be cracking on with on a school night."
-Karl Quinn, The Age

Now that the four-part drama has concluded on SBS, it's time to press play at SBS On Demand and binge-watch the full series.

Episode One

When an armed robbery at a convenience store reveals a renowned cop killer is back in Sydney, Detective Sergeant Grace Gibbs (Rachel Griffiths) has the chance to finally catch her colleague’s murderer.

Episode Two

The more Mani insists he is guilty of Tony Hodge’s murder, the more holes Grace and Charlie find in his story, leading them to a shocking discovery.

Episode Three

As Grace and Charlie close in on Tony’s murderer, Bo-Lin looks she may be caught up in a dangerous crime syndicate and Corey Baxter kidnaps another victim.

Episode Four

As Grace and Charlie investigate their second murder in a week, they come to blows over which course to take. Despite all the physical evidence pointing to Corey Baxter being involved, Grace can’t ignore her intuition. Something doesn’t add up and she’s not sure why.

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