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Who's a good boy! Rex is! Rex is the best boy! Oh, yes he is!
Dan Barrett

28 Sep 2018 - 8:56 AM  UPDATED 28 Sep 2018 - 9:39 AM

In 1996 the Australian indie band The Fauves released the classic song "Dogs Are The Best People". It is unconfirmed as to whether that song was inspired directly by Inspector Rex, but undoubtedly he was a contributing influence. 

Since 1994, Rex has teamed with several partners and the the team at the Vienna Kriminalpolizei homicide unit, working together to solve crimes. Rex's crime-sleuthing has taken Rex to multiple countries, with his most recent posting to Rome. 

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Fans of Rex would be well aware of the great theme song that closes out each episode. No respect to The Fauves, but while their song makes for a convincing argument about how good dogs are, the Inspector Rex closing theme song firmly positions Rex as the absolute best boy.

In every episode of Inspector Rex, Rex proves that he's not just a good boy, but he's the best boy. Such a good boy!

We've put together this list of five times Rex proved that he has the goods. He earns every treat he gets.


Rex catches public transport

For Rex life isn't all about catching criminals and chasing the occasional ball. Rex knows that to be a good citizen is to do what he can to minimise traffic congestion and to take public transport when appropriate. 

Rex catches a crook with a garden hose

After chasing a criminal riding a motorcycle for what must have been a good kilometre or two, Rex takes a detour through the public park to get ahead of the motorcyclist. After adjusting the hose to face the street, Rex slams his paw down on the tap to turn on the hose, forcing the criminal off the bike, allowing his capture by police. 

Rex is a great friend who listens

Sometimes you just need a friend who will patiently sit there and listen. After a difficult day, Rex's new partner Inspector Fabbri just needed a pal to be there for him. And Rex, great boy that he is, was there for him.

Rex knows it is the thought that counts

Just after Rex met Inspector Fabbri, Fabbri bought Rex a ball to play with. Fabbri, great guy that he is, even got it gift-wrapped. This isn't the first ball Rex has ever been given. And the ball is shown on screen - it isn't even that great a ball. But, Rex never complains. He politely grabs Fabbri the wrapped gift and happily plays with the ball once it's given to him. That's just good manners.

Rex knows being a good boy is a lifestyle choice

By the time we meet Rex in Rex In Rome, he has spent YEARS working with the police in solving crimes. But despite having put in so much time keeping the streets safe, Rex isn't prepared to stop. Some may take their gold watch and look to retirement. But not Rex - Rex keeps getting back out there to keep doing good boy work.


These five acts of being a good great boy are proof positive that Rex is the absolute best doggo on the streets. But, keep in mind, these are just five instances. Five instances from JUST ONE EPISODE. Imagine all the good boy deeds he has been up to across the entire season!

Rex In Rome is airs on SBS VICELAND with double episodes every afternoon from midday. Rex seasons 10-13 are streaming now at SBS On Demand. 

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