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11 Oct 2018 - 3:28 PM  UPDATED 2 Aug 2019 - 11:41 AM

SBS On Demand is celebrating candid conversations about love and sexuality this month - exploring the way our desires and bodies shape the way we look at, and are perceived by, other people. 

The Sexuality Uncovered collection will give you an entirely new perspective on the impact that sexuality has on us - you'll have your eyes opened to what life is like as a large breasted woman, the day-to-day work of an escort, and the rise of sex robots. 


When we talk about libido, it's often described as an impulse linked to our hormones. But how does it really work? Sexplora is the mating of science and adventure, for a serious talk about that three letter word that turn us all on: SEX. Our curious host, Lili, compares scientific evidence and live experiments, engaging both high- and low-brow researchers to understand the source of our basest instincts. Three complete seasons are now streaming. 

100 Vaginas 

In a provocative documentary, artist Laura Dodsworth photographs and interviews 18 British women - from teenager to pensioner - as they tell frank, funny, and powerful stories of periods, pubic hair grooming, the trauma of rape and FGM, the joy of orgasms, the secrets of the clitoris, the wonders of birth and the impact of porn, gender and religion - to better understand this part of themselves and its definitive role in women's lives.

How Sex Changed The World 

One of the most powerful of human needs, sex can be more volatile than dynamite - one wrong move and it just might blow up in your face. From the United States' founding fathers to leading scientists, discover how world history changes when sex backfires.

Student Sex Workers

It's estimated that 1 in 20 students work in the sex industry. Some have found alternate ways to pay off their student loans. This two-part series discovers while it may be rewarding for some, it has consequences for others.

Beyond Boobs

American director Kristen Vermilyea has large breasts, neck pain, back pain and balance issues. Her decision to get a reduction triggers questions about identity, aging, and bodies. Kristen departs on a series of wacky and humorous adventures before going under the knife.


Sex writer Karley Sciortino looks up, down, and inside to find answers that challenge outdated notions of female sexuality, gender, and love. In the first episode, Karley spends time with a dominatrix and her platonic lifestyle slave and finds an unexpected dynamic.

Femen: Sextremism in Canada

Their objective is to destroy patriarchy; their weapons are bare breasts. FEMEN "sextremists" have now set up shop in more than ten countries, but only have one active branch in North America.


Actress Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) and her best friend, Ian Daniel, set off on a journey to explore LGBTQI cultures around the world. From Japan to Brazil, they discover the multiplicity of LGBTQI experiences through amazing people and their stories of struggle and triumph in this Emmy-nominated program. Ellen and Ian are in Japan, on a journey which includes getting friend-married at a Buddhist temple, working at a rent-a-friend agency and partying in the world's smallest gay bar.

Fuzoku: Sex Entertainment In Japan

In Tokyo, three women take us through the realm of fuzoku; the world of erotic entertainment in Japan. Yuna is an aspiring actress in hard-core films, Nao engages clients in hard-chats and Miho is a well-known striptease artist. We learn about their dreams, we follow them at work and during their free time, in host clubs where they drink and find escorts, and in nightclubs where shibari, the art of sadomasochistic binding, is practiced.

Shot By Kern

Seasoned photographer Richard Kern, best known for his images of scantily-clad, amateur models, travels around the globe to interview and shoot hundreds of women in their homes and apartments, capturing them even during their most intimate moments, including everything from brushing their teeth topless to lying naked in bed.

Sex War Robots

Discover the parallel developments in the industries of sex and war, narrated by The Feed's Marc Fennell, Jeannette Francis and Patrick Abboud. According to some, human evolution is due for a reboot and soon enough it will be here. Spearheading towards a future built upon a new kind of civilisation, a robot-human world is rapidly on its way to becoming reality. Combined with biology and technology, those two enduring forces, sex and war, are set up to shape our evolutionary path in the most distorted way that human history have ever seen.


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