• Popular SBS On Demand shows Atlanta and The Good Fight are leaving. (SBS On Demand)Source: SBS On Demand
Time is running out for you to watch these shows. Hurry up and press play.
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12 Oct 2018 - 10:24 AM  UPDATED 12 Oct 2018 - 1:56 PM

We've got some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news is that SBS On Demand can't keep every TV show in its rich library on the service forever, so some of our great shows are set to leave SBS On Demand over the next 90 days.

The good news is that if you block out some time now, you can pace yourself and not only watch those shows you have been meaning to check out (or re-watch), but you're going to have a great time doing it. 

The Good Fight (Season 2)

Watch it before: 28 October 2018

With the world going insane and the Chicago murder rate on the rise, Diane, Lucca, Maia and the rest of the law firm find themselves under psychological assault when a client at another firm kills his lawyer for over charging. After a copycat murder, the firm begins to look at its own clients suspiciously.


Watch it before: 30 November 2018 (Season 1)
                            01 December 2018 (Season 2)

Atlanta is the acclaimed, multiple Golden Globe Award-winning comedy drama created, co-written, produced by and starring lauded musician and actor Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino). It follows the lives of Earn Marks, a young Princeton dropout with a two-year-old daughter and his rapper cousin Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles (Brian Tyree Henry), who break into Atlanta's music industry scene and get their lives off the ground.

Gangland Undercover - Season 2

Watch it before: 25 October 2018

This second season picks up Charles Falco's story as he seeks refuge from the aftermath of Operation 22 Green against the Vagos. After infiltrating the Vagos biker gang back in California, Falco disappears into witness protection. Now known as Charlie Conner, he's working as a mechanic in Virginia Beach. Falco struggles to build a new life, but finds comfort at a local diner where aspiring artist Sarah Jane serves up sympathy and sex appeal. Drunk and haunted by his past, Falco reaches out to Koz, his ATF handler from the Vagos mission, and soon gets a job offer that proves too tempting to resist.


Watch it before: 31 October 2018

In this gripping new Norwegian thriller series, Peter Veras is an uncompromising journalist working for Norway's most respected newspaper. While pursuing the story of a scandal in the financial world, he gets hold of crushing evidence against his own brother from an anonymous source. He makes the biggest mistake in his life when he has the story published. Peter cannot prevent his brother from committing suicide, shattering the lives of Peter's sister-in-law Eva and 16-year-old nephew Andreas. In a feverish attempt to track down the anonymous source, Peter is finally successful, but the discovery is devastating: the source was his own brother.

The Disappearance

Watch it before: 01 November 2018

When teenager Lea Morel does not return home from a music festival, her desperate parents contact the police. Lieutenant Molina, freshly transferred from Paris, uncovers areas of Lea's life that her family knows nothing about.

The Girlfriend Experience

Watch it before: 01 November 2018

Christine Reade is a second year student at Chicago-Burnham Law School and new intern at a prestigious firm. Working hard to establish herself, her focus quickly shifts when a law school friend introduces her to the world of transactional relationships. Known as GFEs, they are women who provide 'The Girlfriend Experience' - emotional and sexual relationships at a very high price. Juggling two very different lives, Christine quickly finds herself entangled in an ever-broadening web of intrigue and betrayal. It’s a far cry from her childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia.


Watch it before: 01 November 2018

An indigenous crew from a remote radio station, air the day-to-day shenanigans of the Alice Springs and its surroundings, from education, culture, money and reconciliations.

Ouro: Amazon Gold

Watch it before: 05 November 2018

Vincent, a 20-year old geology student from Paris, goes to French Guyana to do an internship at a gold mining company. Taken under the wing of local gold lord Antoine Serra, Vincent quickly falls into the much more lucrative – and more dangerous – world of gold trafficking.

The Legacy

Watch it before: 07 November 2018 (Season 2)
                         28 November 2018 (Season 3)

The story of four grown-up siblings who squabble over the division of their mother’s estate. She was a world-famous artist, with both wealth and loucheness to match, so the kids have three different fathers. At the end of season one, younger daughter Signe had finally and conclusively inherited her mother’s house, Gronnegaard, while younger brother Emil was rotting in a Thai prison on drugs charges.


Watch it before: 11 November 2018

This French drama is set during the Second World War and based on true events, telling the story of a group of young heroes fighting for freedom from Nazi occupation who join forces to produce a newspaper. Paris, 1940: on Armistice Day, the police catch teenager Lili laying flowers at a French hero's statue, and she's thrown together with other like-minded students. When a small group of committed rebels produce a newspaper called Resistance, Lili and her friend The Kid accept the dangerous task of distributing copies of the publication and begin to fall in love.


Watch it before: 26 November 2018

Starring Anthony LaPaglia, Melanie Lynskey and introducing Wally Elnour, Sunshine is a high-stakes crime drama that explores the hopes and heartbreak felt by those forging a new life in a foreign land.


Watch it before: 30 November 2018

A dismembered body is found in a fjord just outside a small Icelandic town. Simultaneously, all roads in and out are closed by a severe storm. With the forensics team from the city unable to reach them, it’s up to local Police Chief Andri Ólafsson and two of his officers to investigate the murder.

Public Enemy

Watch it before: 30 November 2018

Child killer Guy Béranger is released after 20 years in jail. He seeks refuge with the monks of Vielsart, a small village in the Ardennes, and is placed under the protection of a federal police inspector. A few days later, a little girl goes missing.

Black Widows

Watch it before: 01 December 2018

Best friends Rebecka, Johanne and Kira are enjoying a weekend at a summer cottage in Norway with their husbands. The men board their fishing boat and leave the wives behind on shore. As the boat sails into the distance, it explodes without warning. Back on the pier, the three women raise the champagne flutes. Rebecka, Johanne and Kira killed their husbands to win their freedom but the “accident” soon becomes a joint Swedish/Norwegian murder investigation where events and situations are darker and more complex than they seem. Freedom has its price.

Veni Vidi Vici

Watch it before: 01 December 2018

Karsten, a high-brow film director, premieres his new film Veni Vidi Vici, which is a flop. Unable to find any work in the film industry, he receives a call from Vincent, an old movie producer friend, who offers him a directing role on his new project; little does Karsten know that Vincent is working in the porn industry.

Beautiful Loser

Watch it before: 01 December 2018

31 year old Julien is broke, unemployed, and moving back in with his mum, Sylvie. When he lands an interview for a job at his old school, he finds by chance his former teenage love Marie, who has become a professor. Julien is over the moon, but he doesn’t know that this reunion will change his life forever…

Just One Look

Watch it before: 01 December 2018

For Eva Beaufils, it took just one glance at an old photo to turn her whole world upside down. That photo holds an incredible secret. Suddenly, her husband Bastien disappears. Eva has only one goal: find him at all costs.

Jordskott - Season 2

Watch it before: 04 December 2018

[Please note - season one of Jordskott remains at SBS On Demand]

Two years have passed since Silverhöjd was rocked by harrowing events. Eva Thörnblad has left Silverhöjd to return to the grey concrete of the big city and her job with the Stockholm police. Eva is trying to move on, but struggles with her grief over Josefin and the pain that the Jordskott causes her. Soon, Eva is drawn into a mysterious case with a connection to her own past, and she is forced to confront the mystical world she decided to put behind her.

Adam Ruins Everything

Watch it before: 06 December 2018

Host and investigative comedian Adam Conover continues his comically inventive yet unrelentingly serious quest to reveal the hidden truths behind everything we know and love. Tackling a range of topics, Adam gives us not just fun facts to share with our friends, but information that will make us see the world in a whole new way.

Bosch - Season 4

Watch it before: 28 December 2018

Three months after discovering a startling new lead, Harry Bosch is still pursuing the truth behind his mother’s cold case. A murder of a high-profile attorney puts the city on edge so Chief Irvin Irving creates a Task Force with Bosch in charge. Bosch must contend with two former adversaries.


Watch it before: 31 December 2018

Teens Philip and Henning meet in secret one evening at a sand quarry in Mysen, Norway. They are in love but no one can find out. From the safety of the barracks they look out to see a man gagged and tied being pulled out of the trunk of a car surrounded by thugs. Awaiting his fate the man breaks free and guns everyone down and then sets his sights on the barracks. Philip and Henning have become witnesses to this gruesome execution but more importantly has the man seen them and who is he? Terrified for their lives and the consequences of someone finding out about their relationship they form a pact and vow never to reveal what they have seen.

Station Horizon

Watch it before: 31 December 2018

Just released from prison, Joris Fragnière returns to Horizonville and is reunited with his brother Charly who’s taken over the management of Station Horizon, the small roadhouse built by their late father Virgil. Although he was intending to move on, Joris settles in his father’s caravan, gets to know his young niece Axelle and sees Nicole, his first love who’s now married to Joris’s former rival, Raymond Héritier. Overcome with nostalgia at being back in the land of his childhood, he cancels the sale agreement entered into by his brother with Raymond, who’s determined to get his hands on the roadhouse to turn it into a major operation connected to the future motorway. Joris’s return affects everyone, dividing the community and rekindling past tensions.


Watch it before: 31 December 2018

Relu is a family man. He has a wife, two children... and he leads a double life. No one suspects that Relu works as a collector for Căpitanu’, a local mobster.

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