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How did US politics reach this point? SBS On Demand shines a spotlight on the pathway to the midterms
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1 Nov 2018 - 11:48 AM  UPDATED 2 Nov 2018 - 3:07 PM

The upcoming US midterm elections have been described as the most important election in the lifetimes of those who will be voting. It is unusual for so much interest in the midterm elections, but with Democratic voters concerned about the need for Trump to face greater checks and balances by the Senate and House of Representatives, the midterm elections have a greater weight than usual. For many voters, these midterms are a vote to define the soul of their nation.

How did US politics reach this point? What forces both inside the US, and external, have impacted on the current political climate of the US? Why is there so much anger and division? In the lead-up to the US midterm elections, SBS On Demand has curated a collection of documentaries and special episodes of its series that shines a light on the current state of the US political culture. 

Also, be sure to visit SBS On Demand on 7 November from 12-4pm for live streaming coverage of the US midterm election results via the highly regarded PBS news service.

Trump's Showdown

As President Donald Trump wages war with the Special Counsel, the FBI, and his own Attorney General, this film investigates an unprecedented confrontation between the president and senior law enforcement officials.

Insight: Guns

Twenty years on from the Port Arthur massacre, Insight looks at guns in Australia: is enough being done to control them, when firearms continue to destroy lives? Or should the laws be loosened, to allow recreational shooters and farmers more access? They say they have to be the most law-abiding people in Australia, to obtain a gun licence. Insight is joined by former Prime Minister John Howard, who brought in groundbreaking gun control laws in 1996.

Balls Deep: Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama recruits Thomas to join the interagency effort to end veteran homelessness, and bring one newly-homed vet to the White House. 

Balls Deep: Trump Supporters

Thomas meets Ralph Case, Trump's top volunteer in southern Ohio, and the band of Trump supporters he's mustered to get out the Trump vote.

Dateline: Trump’s Big Fail

Following the weekend rejection of his healthcare plan, Donald Trump is licking his wounds after failing to deliver on his first big promise – to fix America’s health care system. Some are celebrating, but many Americans are now even more unsure about the future. 

Cyberwar: Putin Trumps America

NATO troops amass along Russia's borders as US officials grapple with Putin's election meddling. How will a battle that started in cyberspace play out on the ground?

Cyberwar: Who Hacked The DNC

From Islamabad to Mexico City, host Ben Makuch travels the globe to explore the world’s cyber battlegrounds, investigating the cutting edge weapons being used, and the people on both sides of the conflicts. Russia hacked the 2016 Democratic National Convention to try to influence the election. Ben travels from DC to Moscow to track down the hackers who actually pulled it off.

Trump’s First Year

It's been just over one year to the day since Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the 2016 presidential election. Trump's "America First" mantra resonated with working class voters, but has been met with substantial criticism both at home and abroad. One year into the new administration, Vice News looks at the contributing factors that led up to the election of Donald Trump and analyses how his presidency has affected the people that voted for him.