It might be the most essential 47 minutes of television this year. But it will leave you wanting more.
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1 Nov 2018 - 4:25 PM  UPDATED 6 Nov 2018 - 11:16 AM

Get set to experience the greatest struggle you will face in watching TV in 2018.

You're going to stream this episode of Travel Man, the very witty travelogue series hosted by the very funny Richard Ayoade. He is joined by the very handsome and witty and charming Jon Hamm. The two travel to Hong Kong together to eat questionable food, visit the world's largest seated Buddha statue, and experience traditional transportation.  

It's incredibly entertaining and you're going to have a great time watching it.

But here's the problem.

It only lasts for 47 minutes. What are you going to do after that? Take the dog for a walk? Spend time with your family? Go out for a nice meal? Those all sound like terrible ideas. Instead, order some food in and hit the couch because the solution to what ails you is to watch even more Travel Man.

WATCH: Travel Man airs Mondays at 8:05pm on SBS VICELAND and is available anytime at SBS On Demand 

Every episode of Travel Man is entertaining, but if you are looking for a guaranteed great time, you would be hard-pressed going past these fun episodes:

Katherine Ryan

In New York, comedienne Katherine Ryan and Richard soak up culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, America’s most visited museum. They experience the more offbeat Mmuseumm, an eclectic collection of contemporary objects housed in a converted goods lift. They learn to rollerblade in Central park and taste test a cutting edge piece of patisserie, the Cronut.


Paul Rudd

In Helsinki Richard takes Paul Rudd on a sight-seeing tour by kayak. To get the best view of the city they head to the ladies toilet of a tower block. They join a foraging class to try and gather their own lunch and offset this by visiting the world’s only fast food sauna.

Jo Brand

Richard Ayoade is joined by Jo Brand for a fast, funny and ruthlessly efficient 48 hours in Venice. In just two days the pair learn to row a gondola, see the city’s most famous sights, trial an interactive tour, try the Venetian version of tapas, and explore the world of masks.

Chris O'Dowd

Richard Ayoade returns along with several carefully selected travelling companions to experience yet more of the most desirable weekends away in the world. In this episode, Richard is joined by fellow star of 'The IT Crowd', Chris O'Dowd for 48 hours in the Imperial splendour of Vienna. Over a packed two days they'll tour the city twice, sample its finest sausages, cakes, wines and spirits, visit fairgrounds, cafes, sewers and the home of one of Vienna's most famous sons.

Rob Delany

Richard Ayoade packs his carry-on case and resumes his quest to show the world how to enjoy an optimal 48 hours away. This week Richard is joined by comedian, actor, writer and Catastrophe star Rob Delany for two days in and, roughly speaking, around, the city of Seville in southern Spain. Together they explore Europe’s sunniest city, learn to dance flamenco, eat tapas and take a road trip to the Wild West. The results are fast, funny and strangely informative.

Noel Fielding

Richard applies his time-efficient mantra on a minibreak in Copenhagen. He's joined by Noel Fielding for 48 hours in the style-conscious Danish capital. Cycling is big in Copenhagen, so they join a bike tour to get their bearings and see as many sights as possible without wasting time to dismount. Together they dine on open sandwiches and stop for Danish pastries at the city's oldest bakery.

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