How the group’s weekly Sunday ritual became an annual fan event.
19 Nov 2018 - 1:34 PM  UPDATED 19 Nov 2018 - 2:10 PM

Occasionally a sitcom will start a tradition that becomes a fan favourite. Seinfeld celebrated an annual Festivus, Cheers had annual 'Bar Wars'  with a competing tavern, SBS VICELAND's own Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the Halloween heist.

You’re the Worst has Sunday Funday, a day dedicated to drinking and making the most of the weekend’s final hours. This fun mid-season episode quickly became a favourite, which led to the continuation of Sunday Funday into the second and third seasons.

It begins, of course, with brunch. Then one member of the group is responsible in planning a day of fun activities. Jimmy thinks that Sunday Funday is juvenile because he’s Jimmy, but Gretchen, Edgar and Lindsay manage to convince him to come out with them. It helps that there’s a near-constant flow of alcohol.

'Sunday Funday' has everything needed for a great episode of television. Being near halfway into the first season, the audience is familiar enough with the characters that the audience can join in the fun with them, while stories have greater character resonance. We can see that Gretchen, Lindsay, Edgar and Jimmy genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

Sunday Funday may just seem like an excuse for day drinking – which it definitely is – but there’s more to it than that. The characters in You’re the Worst have their individual problems, and the show uses their tradition as a fun framing device that allows them to figure things out.

Gretchen and Jimmy have reached the point in their “relationship” where they realise that they actually like each other as people. Both of them are so bad at expressing their emotions however, that they have no idea how to verbalise it. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that Gretchen’s director ex-lover Ty Wyland has invited her to attend the Tribeca Film Festival with him on his private plane.

So, with a tip-off from Lindsay, Jimmy spends the entirety of Sunday Funday attempting to ask Gretchen to choose between him and Ty. But he doesn’t want to let Gretchen know that he knows, so he comes up with increasingly confusing metaphors, like eggs versus pancakes.

Lindsay has to leave Sunday Funday early to go to a barbecue for her husband’s work, much to Gretchen’s dismay. She’d like some help figuring out this Ty thing, and it’s really difficult when your best friend has to leave halfway through the day. It turns out that Lindsay needs Gretchen’s help too, because she needs help figuring out why she was dreading this barbecue so much.

Edgar’s storyline seems to have the lowest stakes, but we know enough about Edgar’s PTSD that we can see how important it is for him to plan the perfect Sunday Funday. If Edgar gets this one thing right, he might be able to get the rest of his life back on track. And he’s planned a great day.

Unfortunately, there’s a rival group of brunchers who seem to be following them around, and Edgar thinks their leader (Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch) has copied his itinerary: Whenever our gang turns around, there’s the same group of hipsters doing exactly the same thing. 

(Fans of Aussie standup comedy might recognise comedian Ash Williams as hipster Keith, the guy with the man bun).

Can Jimmy convince Gretchen not to go? Will Edgar confront the hipster over his Sunday Funday intellectual property theft? Will Lindsay be able to brave her husband's company BBQ?

Important questions to be answered on a successful Sunday Funday outing.

You're The Worst kicks off its first Sunday Funday outing on SBS VICELAND Monday night from 9:50pm. Or you can enjoy #SundayFunday anytime at SBS On Demand along with every episode from the show:

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