• Brooklyn Nine Nine returns exclusive from 11 January (SBS VICELAND)Source: SBS VICELAND
These first-look photos tell us EVERYTHING about the show... Okay... they tell us a few things.
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5 Dec 2018 - 5:15 PM  UPDATED 3 Jan 2019 - 3:26 PM

With exclusive brand-new episodes fast-tracked from the US, the gang from Brooklyn Nine-Nine are back on our screens at SBS and SBS On Demand. Ahead of the show's return on 11 January, we have been gifted with these first-look images from the new, sixth season of the show.

And what a treat they are!

Holt has never looked prouder

Fresh from his wedding to the lovely Sergeant Amy Santiago, Jake Peralta has rushed to the side of his other true love: Captain Ray Holt.

Proof that Rosa is an absolute BOSS!

But why is she sitting behind Captain Holt's desk? Is she the chosen one?

Duelling Ginas

This isn't going to end well for whoever is under the mask.

Boyle, you dumb, beautiful fool. What have you brought upon yourself?

The ever handsome Scully

It's a good thing Tumblr eliminated its NSFW content this week, because their servers wouldn't be able to handle the computing power required to meet users gif needs... look at that smile on Scully's face... it's a thirst trap if I've ever seen one.

Farewell Gina

Brooklyn Nine-Nine might be back for another season, but it's tinged with the sadness of knowing we are saying goodbye to Gina from the show. She taught us a lot about how to be not only a great colleague, but how to be a great friend. *cough* *cough* It's been real, Gina!

Join us from Friday 11 January at 8:30pm as we are reunited with our pals at the Nine Nine, as brand-new episodes hit SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand.

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