• You’d think this shed was lifted straight from Wonderland. (SBS)Source: SBS
Enter the weird and wonderful world of brilliant (and sometimes batty) sheds.
Jeremy Cassar

14 Dec 2018 - 3:31 PM  UPDATED 14 Dec 2018 - 3:31 PM

If you think you have very little interest in sheds, get ready to think again. George Clarke’s Shed of the Year season two is here to reverse all your shed-related biases by showing you some of the most ingenious backyard constructions ever made.

The concept is simple: a group of British individuals show off their otherworldly sheds while vying for the title of ‘shed of the year’. On the way, you’ll see a shed that doubles as a cinema, one that functions as an observatory and another that can also be used as a boat.

Your lowly tool shed will never look the same again. Here’s what to expect:              

There’s this Alice In Wonderland-esque creation:

…that’s even more impressive inside:

There’s this wonderful eco-friendly dome shed:

And this earthy marvel made from gorgeous cuts of wood:

What about this majestic treetop shed?

Or this shed that doubles as a distillery?


Here, stargazers will salivate over the concept of a ‘shedservatory’:

And here’s an ornate two-pointed shed, complete with an archway:

This beachside shed could easily serve as a studio apartment:


And heck, you could move your whole family into this dynamic space:

This is a mere taste of what to expect from George Clarke's Shed of the Year season two.

George Clarke’s Shed of the Year season two starts on Friday 21 December at 7:35pm on SBS. Season one is streaming now on SBS On Demand: