You get on a boat and it relaxes you. Add it to SBS' season of Slow Summer television and you're in for the ultimate relaxer.
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14 Jan 2019 - 5:43 PM  UPDATED 15 Feb 2019 - 1:16 PM

The occasional snide Twitter user has accused the Slow Summer event in 2019 of putting viewers to sleep. But, considering how relaxing and picturesque the The Kimberley Cruise: Australia’s Last Great Wilderness has been, if viewers told us it put them to sleep, it would be the ultimate compliment.

Last night Twitter was out in force telling us just how beautiful and relaxing the experience of watching it was:

For some Twitter users, however, the end of the Kimberley Cruise was a stark reminder about the harsh realities of life:

Your Slow Summer at SBS is just getting started, with a few more weeks of gloriously slow telly planned - including the full 17-hour Indian Pacific train journey:

The Kimberley Cruise: Australia’s Last Great Wilderness
All-day version: Saturday 19 January - SBS VICELAND

All Aboard! The Canal Trip
Sunday 20 January, 7.30pm - SBS

The Ghan
Saturday 26 January, all day, SBS VICELAND

North to South
3 hour version: Sunday 27 January, 7.30pm - SBS 
All day version: Saturday 2 February - SBS VICELAND

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