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Being an Aussie is about more than wearing thongs, enjoying the footy, and having a Vegemite sanga!
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24 Jan 2019 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 24 Jan 2019 - 11:57 AM

What does it actually mean to be Australian? What does our nation represent? What are our ideals and aspirations, and, in turn, how does our behaviour reflect that? These are not questions that lead to clear answers - these are questions that we will, and should, continue to reflect upon as we grow and evolve together.

We've put together a collection of interesting dramas, comedies, documentaries, and movies that reflect a broad range of experiences of being Australian and what it means for us to share a national identity. They are all streaming now at SBS On Demand.

The Family Law 

This is the story of a quirky Chinese-Australian family on the Sunshine Coast over the course of a long hot summer, as told by 14-year old Benjamin, slightly self-obsessed with aspirations to be famous despite his severe lack of talent. For the Law family, all communication can lead to misunderstanding and unlikely comedy stems from tragedy. Seasons 1-3 streaming now.

The Kimberley Cruise: Australia's Last great Wilderness

Travelling by boat from Broome to Darwin, this route in Australia’s top end is a breathtaking coastline of open seas, bays, basins, islands and estuaries. This area is dubbed ‘Australia’s last great witness’ and surprising stories of multicultural history abound - from Aboriginal cave paintings to Japanese pearlers, a Filipino missionary to a proposed Jewish refuge from the Nazis, Vietnamese boat people, WWII bombings, shipwrecks, and modern-day mining.

First Australians

They Have Come to Stay - This landmark series chronicles the birth of contemporary Australia as never told before, from the perspective of its first people. It explores what unfolds when the oldest living culture in the world is overrun by the world's greatest empire, and depicts the true stories of individuals - both black and white. 

Fat Pizza Vs Housos

After 15 years pizza chef Bobo Gigliotti is released from prison, his crime; assaulting a health inspector with a chainsaw. Rents have gone up in Australia and the only shop front Bobo can afford is in the infamous housing commission suburb of ... SUNNYVALE. The all-stars from Fat Pizza, Swift and Shift Couriers and Housos unite in an epic battle of thongs, chainsaws, bikies and pizzas.

Andy & Ben Eat Australia

This mouth-watering and engaging new series sees best mate foodie triple-threats Andy Allen and Ben Milbourne fish and forage their way across the country from Tasmania to North Queensland.

BMX Bandits

Nicole Kidman stars in this '80s classic, which sees three teenagers embark on a wheel-spinning adventure when they discover stolen walkie-talkies left behind by a gang of bank robbers. Bursting with energy and invention, the trio is forced to put their biking skills to the test, causing all sorts of mayhem across Sydney.

Once Upon a Time In Cabramatta

This is the story of how a newly-arrived migrant community was torn apart by crime but fought back against street gangs, political dysfunction and a lack of police resourcing to rediscover itself.

Safe Harbour

Five Australians on a sailing holiday come across a fishing boat full of desperate asylum seekers. Deciding to help, they tow the boat but, in the middle of the night, it disappears. Years later, one of the Australians, Ryan, steps into a taxi driven by one of the refugees, Ismail. Overjoyed to learn the refugees reached Australia, he invites Ismail and his family to a barbeque - reuniting everyone. It’s there that Ryan and the others learn the truth - someone cut the rope between the two boats and, as a result, the fishing boat sank and seven people died, including Ismail’s nine-year-old daughter. Old secrets come to light, relationships are shattered and lives are put in danger.

The Indian Pacific

Crossing Australia from Perth to Sydney, the pivotal part played by the transcontinental railway line in linking the far-flung west coast with the eastern states is explored, including how the rail impacted Indigenous Australians on the Nullabor Plain, the new colony of South Australia, and the Indigenous trade route of the Blue Mountains.

Going Places with Ernie Dingo

Join Ernie Dingo in this captivating series as he explores Australia's most iconic destinations. But this is no ordinary travel show, as Ernie introduces us to the traditional owners and other people who live, breathe and work amongst these incredible places.

Dead Lucky

This gripping Australian crime drama set in Sydney stars award-wining Rachel Griffiths as stubborn but brilliant Detective Grace Gibbs, obsessed with avenging the murder of her junior officer. She is helped on her mission by rookie detective played by Yoson An.

Homecoming Queens

On discovering she has alopecia, children’s television presenter Michelle flees back to Brisbane and arrives on her best friend Chloë’s doorstep, under the cover of darkness. Chloë cradles her dog, Gordon, terrified she’s being robbed, until she asks Michelle what her Patronus is. Chloë welcomes her back openly at first and tries to enlist her help in ticking items off her ‘reverse bucket list’, now that her chemotherapy’s finished – but Michelle is nervous and far from ready to deal with her new illness.

Don's Party

When you mix a left wing teacher, a loud-mouthed sex maniac, a mild-mannered accountant, a failed philosopher, a promiscuous 19 year old nymphette, a frustrated wife, a drunken pornographer, a sexy temperamental artist and an arrogant dentist with a lot of booze at an election party...anything can happen! 

Another Country

The great Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil tells the tale of 'Another Country', a story of what happened when his people's way of life was interrupted by ours.


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