With the commencement of the Lunar New Year, enjoy some of the great curated collections at SBS On Demand.
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31 Jan 2019 - 1:03 PM  UPDATED 6 Feb 2019 - 2:39 PM

We've put together two great collections for you to see in the Lunar New Year. First, we have a collection of some of the best SBS factual TV shows from the past year, now complete with Simplified Chinese subtitles. 

But then, for a bit of fun, we've put together an action-packed collection of movies featuring Kung Fu classics and modern Martial Arts masters. Is there a more enjoyable way to celebrate the Lunar New Year this February?


Child Genius 

Presided over by quizmaster Dr Susan Carland, Child Genius follows Australia's cleverest 7 to 12 year-olds and their extraordinary families as they compete for the title of Australia's brightest child.

Dead Lucky 

This gripping Australian crime drama set in Sydney stars award-wining Rachel Griffiths as stubborn but brilliant Detective Grace Gibbs, obsessed with avenging the murder of her junior officer. She is helped on her mission by rookie detective played by Yoson An.

The Family Law

There's the rules, then there's the Laws. Based on the best-selling book by Benjamin Law, The Family Law is a drama-comedy series following everyone's favourite almost-functional Asian Australian family. 

On The Ropes 

On The Ropes follows Iraqi-Australian Amirah Al Amir who has idolised her boxing world champion father Sami her entire life. Desperate to become an elite boxing trainer, Amirah must fight, not only the patriarchal boxing world but her own family, to achieve her dream. 

How Mad Are You

Where does the line between sanity and madness lie and is it easy to recognise? This show re-creates a 1972 experiment in a search for the difference between the mentally ill and the supposedly sane. 


Insight is Australia's leading forum for ideas. Each week, host Jenny Brockie uses her unique skills to guide a lively debate on a single topic. 

Is Australia Sexist 

In Australia, our society is built around the idea that everyone gets a fair go. In the era of #MeToo and with the global movement for gender equality growing, it’s time to ask ourselves - is that really the case? Writer, TV presenter, radio host, and passionate advocate for gender equality Yumi Stynes wants to find out. Is Australia Sexist? goes undercover to expose the truth of sexism in Australia in 2018.


14 Blades (2010)

After he's framed for treason, a legendary royal guard (Donnie Yen) joins forces with a skilled gang of outlaws to save an empire.

Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate (2011)

A Ming Dynasty freedom fighter (Jet Li), a warrior (Zhou Xun), and a corrupt eunuch (Kun Chen) are among those who converge on a remote desert hostel that sits atop a city of treasures.

Way Of The Dragon (1972)

A fighter (Bruce Lee) in Rome uses whirling ‘nunchakus’ on a gang and fights a karate champ (Chuck Norris) in the coliseum.

Fist Of Fury (1972)

Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) has left his homeland of China and relocated to stay with family in Thailand. Chen, who swore to his mother that he would avoid violence in his new life and even wears a necklace to remind himself of this oath, is tested when he confronts trouble at his job. When he finds out the factory he works at is a cover for a drug ring, and his family members are murdered by members of the gang, he can avoid fighting no more and decides to confront his corrupt boss.

Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017)

A royal descendant of an ancient winged tribe embarks on a quest to find magical pearls. When they fall into the hands of a human, he joins a team of unlikely heroes in a race against time to prevent the destruction of his people.

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