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The TV romantic comedy that asks if two awful people should find love in each others arms.
Dan Barrett

4 Apr 2019 - 12:17 PM  UPDATED 4 Apr 2019 - 12:17 PM

It is the romantic comedy series for people who want to vom at romcoms. If the very idea of Julia Roberts telling Hugh Grant that she's "just a girl standing in front of a boy" has you breaking out in hives, You're The Worst may well be the show for you. And the great news is that all five seasons of the show are streaming now at SBS On Demand.

That's every damn episode just sitting there waiting for you and your lonely evenings.

On paper it looks like every generic sitcom - but it's far from that

From afar, you've seen this show before. An adorable quirky American girl hooks up with a boorish British guy. Each of them have two zany friends. And there's the lonely kid next door who's always over to visit. Each week they get involved in all manner of implausible sitcom storylines.

Only, that's not really what this show is. The characters are actually complicated with a range of incredibly unhealthy problems facing them in their day-to-day life.

Gretchen, one of our two leads, is a publicist who has a penchant for substance abuse. It's mostly hiding a diagnosed case of severe depression. Her new boyfriend Jimmy, the boorish Brit, has emotional dependency problems and doesn't know how to do anything but keep close loved ones at an arm'

s length. Gretchen's BFF Lindsay is in a loveless marriage that is, in itself, a mask to hide the fact she's developmentally stunted and doesn't know how to look after herself. And then there's Edgar - a Gulf War vet struggling to handle post-war PTSD issues with little to no financial support from the US Government. 

These are not your standard TV sitcom characters.

THAT first episode

There's a whole genre of comedies from the '80s and '90s with a guy and girl who spend a night together after being forced together into a situation and come out of it with an incredibly strong bond/romance. That's how this series starts. Only instead of being locked in a department store together, or at a high school party that gets out of control, this is a relatable adult story in which two people meet at a wedding and then spend the rest of their night together by chatting and f**king. All night. 

Throughout the first episode you will see the lead characters in almost every conceivable sexual position, while learning just enough about Jimmy's preoccupation with feet.

Jimmy and Gretchen really are the worst

Just because it is a TV comedy and these are the lead characters, you'll immediately have expectations on how this will work. With this show, despite the premise, it doesn't mean that these are characters who should be together.

As individuals, Jimmy and Gretchen are just awful, terrible people. The actual worst human beings. Being together doesn't improve their sensibilities. If anything, they give each other permission to be even more wretched. Jimmy doesn't bring out the best in Gretchen and the darkness that exists inside of her seems to grow stronger with his negative energy. 

And this might be a first for a TV comedy: The audience actively roots for the main characters to break up. The deeper you get into this show, the more you'll realise that the last thing either of these characters need is each other. 

But... will the relationship last the distance? And if it does, should it?

Set aside a big block of TV time to throw yourself deep in with this show; It's five great, laugh-out-loud seasons of comedy. In no way can we promise that your heart will be stirred by the romance of the show. But we can promise you that it is wonderfully dark and brutal comedy that will show you moments that you have never seen before on TV and will quite likely never witness again. 

Every episode of You're The Worst is streaming now for you to watch at SBS On Demand

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