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In a new documentary, one Ohio county says maybe.
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9 Apr 2019 - 11:09 AM  UPDATED 9 Apr 2019 - 11:11 AM

In Arming America's Teachers, director Kira Phillips travels to Butler County, Ohio, where a group of teachers is at a very specialised summer training camp. They’re learning how to shoot guns and, if necessary, how to kill.

As school boards across the US consider options on tackling gun violence and all too prevalent school shootings, this Ohio county has its own gun debate raging. On one side is a very passionate Sheriff determined to arm local school teachers. On the other, his many detractors, including a young man, Cooper, who survived a school shooting and his father, who’ve both publicly forgiven the shooter.

When producers ask Cooper whether an armed teacher would have prevented him (and his friend Cameron) from being shot, he says, “Absolutely not. No. There was actually an armed police officer within a hundred feet of the shooting when it all happened.”

Sheriff Jones has the eight-week summer holiday to campaign for approval for armed teachers. Sean, a supporter and trainer at the camp says, “the only thing that will stop an active killer with a gun, is a good person with a gun.”

Will the Sheriff get his way?

And what prompted these teachers, including a school principal, to sign up for the training camp?


To find out, watch Arming America’s Teachers on Tuesday, 9 April at 10 pm on SBS.