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Host Karley Sciortino investigates the state of sex education in this episode of ‘Slutever’ (Tuesday, SBS Viceland).
Tanya Modini

7 May 2019 - 3:21 PM  UPDATED 21 May 2019 - 1:07 PM

Is porn an educational tool?

It turns out that a lot of kids who don’t have their sex questions answered in sex education class are turning to porn for answers. But Cindy Gallop, founder of “MakeLoveNotPorn”, says porn is just performative entertainment and was never meant to be educational.

In an effort to counter the unrealistic presentations of industry porn, Gallop’s site posts homemade sex videos sent in by their users – real-world couples that incorporate real-world bodies, real-world penis and breast sizes from all walks of life and countries around the world.

Is it OK to have sex for pleasure?

Not according to 37 states of the USA where federally funded abstinence-only sex ed is currently being taught in schools. Reliant on “slut-shaming” women and creating a sense of fear and panic among students, these “just say no” classes teach that sex is only ever for procreation after marriage between a man and a woman.

A group of students in Georgia are rebelling and demanding a curriculum that is more inclusive and comprehensive, provides medically accurate information and includes conversations about consent. Until this happens they have formed a group that meets to share information about all things sexual including how to do it safely. They say that students are definitely not abstaining from sex and need to be informed of the facts to prevent a deluge of unwanted diseases and pregnancies.

What is the structure and purpose of the clitoris?

Well, it’s not surprising that you might be asking this question because the full structure of the clitoris was not discovered until 1998… we have Dr Helen O’Connell to thank for that. The clitoris is the only organ in the body whose sole purpose is for pleasure, and it has 8,000 nerve endings to get the job done.

“We put someone on the moon, we invented the internet before we really understood this organ that’s in half the population today,” Andrea Barrica, founder of O.school says.

O.school is a radically inclusive alternative sex education website that live streams educational sex videos that focus on pleasure.

Is good sex always just a physical thing?

Sciortino attends a workshop on how the psychological aspects of BDSM can help to enhance your sex life. At “Femdom 101” we hear that BDSM can be good for building sexual confidence, discovering your partner’s boundaries and understanding consent. It also allows women to switch into a role of sexual dominance.


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