• ‘Slutever’s Karley Sciortino dons the VR headset. (SBS)Source: SBS
On a new episode of 'Slutever', Karley Sciortino discovers that Virtual Reality already being used in many fascinating ways.
Tanya Modini

6 May 2019 - 2:07 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2019 - 12:16 PM

Technology is changing the world and everything we do in it. But sex between actual people is one of the things that technology will never change – isn’t it? On an engrossing episode of Slutever (Now streaming at SBS On Demand), Karley Sciortino investigates...

VR porn

We all live through our phones these days. So much so that people can now hook up their smartphones to a VR headset and have sex in an alternate dimension – within a different body if they want – while trying anything sexual they like. Stuff that maybe they are too shy to ask for in their actual real life.

But how real does VR porn look and feel? And what about conversation?

VR camming

Live broadcasting platforms are up and running in the VR sex world. Yep, VR camming is something that lets people interact with others all over the world through their VR headsets. For folks having trouble connecting with people they can sexually relate to because of distance or lack of compatible partners, VR porn could be part of the solution.

With a VR headset as your primary partner, the whole world of sexuality opens up right in front of you. People can do whatever they want without ever leaving their bedrooms. You won’t believe what a machine connected via Bluetooth to a video playing on a smartphone can do.

And if you feel like a crowdsourced orgasm, maybe teledildonics is for you.


Virtual sex avatars

Porn stars can now be scanned and turned into virtual avatars that are sent out across various platforms so they can have virtual reality sex with consumers. In other words, they can put their avatars to work rather than themselves.

But in this 360-degree world, the consumers of VR sex can do whatever they want to the avatars and they will react accordingly. So who actually owns these avatars and how can their use be controlled?

“What if I get scanned and then my avatar shows up at a fascist gang bang?” asks Sciortino.

But hang on… looks like there are some risks

Maybe VR porn isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely not yet affordable for everyone. As we all embark on an ever-growing VR future, Sciortino has some questions about the knock-on effect of VR porn – how will it impact honesty within relationships? And what are the bigger picture, potentially complex and more serious consequences of it within our society?

Slutever’s VR Porn episode is now streaming at SBS On Demand, along with the whole of season two:

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