• Naomi was the victim of an acid attack in 2012. (SBS)Source: SBS
Without a host or narrator, people living with a variety of physical and mental differences describe the battles with their own inner demons as well as the prejudice from others.
Tanya Modini

30 May 2019 - 11:13 AM  UPDATED 30 May 2019 - 11:13 AM

Across six episodes dealing with mental health, eating disorders, physical difference and infidelity, the stories in Me and My... convey an honesty and resonance made possible by the subjects telling their own stories straight to camera.

The documentary series was made by the London production company Knickerbockerglory, which makes “shows that challenge prejudices and stereotypes” while sharing their profits each year among staff and charities. Me and My Mental Illness won Best Documentary at the Mind Media Awards 2017.

Me and My Mental Illness

In this episode, seven people dealing with a variety of mental illnesses, including bipolar affective disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, psychosis, emotionally unstable personality disorder, hearing voices and post-traumatic stress disorder speak about the impact of living with mental illness.

We hear how they manage their mental health, and the stories of success both in their personal life and in the amazing work some are now doing to de-stigmatise mental illness, using their lived experience to assist others.

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Me and My Eating Disorder

Seven men and women who have either overcome or are still battling anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating describe what they believe were the origins of their disorders and the impact it has had on their lives and the lives of those close to them. But importantly, they also offer hope of acceptance and cure to others struggling with eating disorders.

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Me and My Body

A man born with no legs, another paralysed as a teenager as well as women dealing with the physical effects of thalidomide, breast cancer, dwarfism, losing a limb and suffering shocking burns as a baby describe the limitations and achievements of their lives and how it feels to go through life looking so obviously different to most.

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Me and My Face

In a society that is obsessed with looks, how do those with facial differences cope?

Jono, 31, was born without cheekbones. On his adoption papers, there was the comment: “The biological parents felt no bond with their child”. But Jono considers himself very lucky because adoption led him to the woman who is now his mother.

Stories about the devastating effects of A Streptococcus, cancer and an acid attack are told from those who have survived, while others dealing with albinism, vitiligo and alopecia also let us into the struggles of their daily lives.

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Me and My Affair

This episode looks at the heavy emotional impact of infidelity on those who diverge from committed relationships, and those who love them. Can relationships ever survive infidelity?

Me and My… is about not losing hope - and it’s inspiring stuff.


Me and My Affair airs tonight, Thursday 30 May at 9.30pm on SBS VICELAND. 

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