• Returning contenders are vying for another shot at the Mastermind spotlight. (SBS)Source: SBS
Some of our top scoring runners-up step into the spotlight again for their second chance to take on the famous black chair.
Shane Cubis

3 Jun 2019 - 12:14 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2019 - 12:14 PM

Imagine coming so close to victory, using nothing but the power of your brain and nerves under pressure, and just falling short. That’s been the case for Mastermind contenders since time immemorial (well, 1972), and now some of the Antipodean also-rans have been given a reprieve. Another opportunity to prove their mettle, complete with the inside edge of having already sat in the scary chair, under the scary lights, facing the scary quite friendly host. They’ve been here before, and know what they’re in for, which should be extra interesting to watch – from an anthropological angle, not because we enjoy watching 75 per cent of players lose twice. We’re not psychopaths

How does it work?

Four contenders per night, over four nights, culminating in an epic face-off come Friday evening that will rock both faces and hearts. Sixteen become four, then four become one like some Spice Girls double play. That one will grab themselves a place in the semis, and the chance for total domination.

Who are the contenders?

Second Chance Week is a special time to see some familiar faces, who have no doubt been brushing up on their special subjects in anticipation. The top-scoring runners-up from previous instalments will meet in psychic combat, with no quarter asked or given. If one of your favourites juuuuuust missed out on making it through the first time, prepare to cheer on their extra life!

What are their special subjects?

You know… that’s 16 people we’re talking about, right? Okay, you asked for it: expect questions on Italian cuisine, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, The Divinyls, Charles Manson, ABBA, the English Premier League, McDonald’s, Kath and Kim, the London Underground, King Christian IX of Denmark’s children, Francis Forde, The Kinks, The Vines, the English Football League Championship, Jamaican music and the Apollo Manned Space Program.

Hmmm. If we’d read that list in advance, we probably would’ve swapped out the awkward Spice Girls reference for a more relevant one. Like maybe how there are four members of ABBA, or how four of King Christian IX’s children sat on thrones, or how the Manson family committed their murders in four different locations, or how it’s half the number of days Francis Forde was Prime Minister, or another name for the Underground is the “Tube”, which has four letters, or…

…can we get a second chance on this article, please? 

Mastermind’s Second Chance week begins tonight, Monday 3 June at 6:00pm on SBS.

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