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Poor Will Forte. But lucky us.
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24 Jun 2019 - 4:17 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2019 - 10:27 AM
  • Starts Friday 5 July
  • Screens Fridays at 9pm on SBS Viceland (Digital HD Channel 31) 
  • Box set of Seasons 1 - 4 at SBS On Demand 

Phil Miller (Will Forte) is the last man on Earth, and he got the attitude and the personal hygiene that comes with such a predicament. And the beard. Having spent several years driving around north America to find fellow occupants of the earth, he's called off the search, and, resigned to an eternity alone, he stays put in Arizona, with a view to seeing out what's left of humanity's days getting drunk and wrecking things. 

Welcome to The Last Man on Earth, created by and starring Saturday Night Live's Will Forte. 

Being the last man on earth offers no shortage of surprises, and across four seasons, Forte manages to draw laughs and drama out of Phil's catastrophe. 

Watch The Last Man on Earth  Fridays 9pm on SBS VICELAND (HD channel 31). All four seasons are also available at SBS On Demand.

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