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The search is on for some new people to blow stuff up in the name of science. But who would be the perfect Mythbuster?
Rob Hunter

3 Jul 2019 - 3:23 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2019 - 9:34 AM

After 12 entertaining, explosion-filled seasons, Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman stepped away from the popular show that boasted a fan-base including President Obama and whoever made a fortune selling them dynamite. Now in Mythbusters: The Search, the quest is underway to find new hosts via a series of science-based challenges and myth-busting experiments. Based on the finest attributes of the previous cast, this is what the judges should be looking for.

Adam Savage

One of the show’s two original hosts, Adam’s intelligence is unquestioned but it was his friendly nature and sense of humour that shone throughout the series. Judges are sure to look for these qualities in a new host, as humour is a great way to connect with viewers and convey information. It is also desirable for anyone with constant access to high-grade explosives to be somewhat good-natured.

Jamie Hyneman

As the more serious of the show’s original hosts, Jamie was less playful than Adam, often appearing annoyed by the cast and the show itself. However, his technical expertise was unsurpassed, with his ability to produce simple solutions to complex problems setting the bar for new hosts. If possible, they should also have a walrus-like beard and beret. For science reasons.

Tory Belleci

A special effects and model-building expert, Tory’s finest attribute was his willingness to risk permanent injury for the show. For example, here he is crashing a bike.


He also once fired a rock from a cannon, sending it way off target, through the wall of a civilian’s house and into a mini-van. Hopefully the new hosts cut down on potentially lethal accidents, but Tory’s willingness to take risks is the perfect attribute for a new Mythbuster.

Scottie Chapman

If Tory’s finest attribute was his ability to injure himself, Scottie’s was her ability to assist in injuring Tory. It was Scottie who taunted Tory into attempting his infamous bike jump and here she is injuring him once again:

What could potentially be described as workplace bullying may not be acceptable in modern times, but there’s something to be said for a Mythbuster who demands respect with an iron fist.

Grant Imahara

No matter the problem, Grant’s solution was always to build a robot, showing ingenuity and an aptitude for machines. This affection for robots will come in handy for a new Mythbuster, not only on the show but also in terms of future survival when robots inevitably turn on humankind and exterminate all but the most loyal of servants.

Kari Byron

Apart from keen intelligence, Kari was known for throwing herself into experiments for the good of the show. This included having her whole body painted silver and her rear-end 3D printed to test a myth about being sucked out of a plane toilet. Such was her popularity, outrage ensued when she, Tory and Grant were removed from the cast after series 10. A petition signed by 35,000 people even demanded her return (and to a lesser degree, the return of Tory and Grant). Though the petition was unsuccessful, this ability to generate goodwill from people on the internet, rather than the more common furious hatred, would be a fine quality for any new Mythbuster.


When other Mythbusters refused to take part in experiments due to the strong likelihood of death, Buster dutifully accepted the challenge. Admittedly, Buster is an inanimate dummy but if any applicant on Mythbusters: The Search can withstand being thrown from a helicopter, shot out of a cannon, having their limbs ripped off or being smashed in the head with bricks, they stand a strong chance of winning the competition.

With such large shoes to fill, the judges on Mythbusters: The Search have a tough job to find new hosts, using various classic Mythbusters challenges to test the skill of applicants. Fans will recognise the ‘needle in a haystack’ challenge and ‘walking on water’ myth amongst others.

Ideally the new hosts will represent the best qualities of the former cast, although finding replacements for such a diverse and beloved team could be difficult. It seems a sure bet that among them, though, will be someone with a proclivity for blowing stuff up. 

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