• Greta Thunberg: “If your house is on fire, you don’t sit down and talk.” (VICE)Source: VICE
Here are some material ways you can help Greta achieve her mission.
Shane Cubis

11 Jul 2019 - 1:26 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2019 - 12:25 PM

Anyone with a heart and/or social conscience has experienced the feeling of finishing a documentary about some burning issue and wondering how to turn the burning rage of injustice in their breast into direct action. From Blackfish to Bowling for Columbine, we’ve left the cinema, ejected the DVD or turned off the TV and wondered what to do.

In Make the World Greta Again, Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg is on a mission to get global action on climate change. Since her initial school strike, she’s got the ball rolling all over the world. Once you’ve watched her inspiring story, here’s some stuff you can do to be like our planetary hero.

She has specific steps for you to follow

Greta is quite active on Twitter, as you can see here. And her pinned tweet has marching orders for the people of the world. In part, she says, “Every Friday, we will sit outside the Swedish Parliament until Sweden is aligned with the Paris Agreement. We urge everyone to do the same, wherever you are. Sit outside your parliament or local government building until your nation is on the same pathway – to a two-degree warming target.” She also goes into some specifics regarding Sweden’s specific stats on global warming, if you’re interested in what she’s up against on her home turf.


Join up with Fridays For Future

This is the global movement inspired by Greta’s initial action, and since then Fridays For Future has become something of a juggernaut. On their website, they offer advice on how to become one of the Triple-F Warriors (which is not how they refer to themselves). These include recommendations for behaviour – no violence, damage, littering, profit or hate – as well as the specific demands of the movement. There’s also a book of Greta’s speeches, No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, available from Penguin.

Look around you for sympathetic groups

Even if Fridays For Future isn’t a thing where you are, there’s likely to be other groups with similar aims. Ask online – Facebook and Twitter are a good start, especially if you search via some relevant hashtags – and get on Meetup to see what’s happening around you. And if there isn’t anything like that around you, consider using those social media accounts and apps like Meetup to start one yourself. Below is some quick inspo from Derek Sivers on how to start a movement. Remember: Greta Thunberg was originally a lone voice with a protest sign and a simple message for her nation’s politicians. That could be you!


Short on time? Splash some cash

Grassroots movements against powerful vested interests can always use your financial support. If you’re way too busy to stand outside your parliament every Friday with a sign, and can’t stomach the thought of founding your own local action committee, consider donating to a group of your choice. Do some research and become one of the silent backers who support the people who yell at our governments to fix things before it’s too late.

Make The World Greta Again is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

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