• New Australian series 'The Hunting' is coming to SBS On Demand in August. (SBS)Source: SBS
August’s programs are as brilliant and diverse as ever. Coming to SBS On Demand are Australian series ‘East West 101’, quiz show ‘Mastermind’, in-depth news from ‘The Weekly’, a good old-fashioned treasure hunt in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ and season 3 of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Movies including ‘Lantana’, ‘Wadjda’ and ‘Babel’ are also on their way.
SBS Guide

31 Jul 2019 - 5:46 PM  UPDATED 31 Jul 2019 - 5:46 PM

1 August

The Bureau S3

The Handmaid’s Tale S3 Ep11

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S3 Ep8

Mastermind S1 Ep44

The Hunting S1 Ep1

Riviera S1

Back To Life S1

How Sex Changed The World S1

Final Portrait

Kajaki: Kilo Two Bravo

Land Of Mine

The Fencer

Limehouse Golem

The Bar




Golden Job

Don’t Talk To Irene

2 August

Mastermind S1 Ep45

The Circle



3 August

Shin Godzilla

The Program

4 August

The Big Blue

Tom Thumb

5 August

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep6

Mastermind S1 Ep46


The White Balloon


The Curse Of Oak Island S1 Ep5

6 August


Mums Make Porn S1 Ep1–3

The Nutty Professor

Ramen Shop

7 August

Mastermind S1 Ep48

Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia


Knightfall S2 Ep3


8 August

The Handmaid’s Tale S3 Ep12

Mastermind S1 Ep49

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S3 Ep9

The Hunting S1 Ep2


Deep State S2

Paris or Perish

9 August

Mastermind S1 Ep50

The Words

Down By Law


Labyrinth Of Lies

Life Of Crime

Long Story Short


The Skin I Live In

Tour De Force

The Band’s Visit

10 August

La Femme Nikita

11 August

Black Cop


12 August

Mastermind S1 Ep51

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep7

Assault On Precinct 13

Long Weekend


Road Games


Body Melt

Curse Of Oak Island S2

In The Loop

13 August

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice


Mastermind S1 Ep52

14 August

Mastermind S1 Ep53

Turban Legend: Untold Australia

Cactus Flower

Knightfall S2 Ep4

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

15 August

Mastermind S1 Ep54

Easy Rider

The Handmaid’s Tale S3 Ep13

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S3 Ep10

The Hunting S1 Ep3

Riviera S2 Ep1

Blood S1

50 Is The New 30

16 August

Mastermind S1 Ep55

The Model Shop

Fishing Without Nets



April And The Extraordinary World

Easy Sex, Sad Movies

Kirikou And The Men And Women

The Kite Runner

Long Way North

Searching For Bobby Fischer


17 August

Getting Straight

Leon: The Professional

19 August

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep8

Mastermind S1 Ep56

20 August

Mastermind S1 Ep57

Stage Beauty


The White Knights

The Wrecking Crew

21 August


Mastermind S1 Ep58

Secret Life Of Death: Untold Australia

Knightfall S2 Ep5

22 August

Mastermind S1 Ep59

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S3 Ep11

The Hunting S1 Ep4

East West 101 S1

My Summer In Provence


Gunman’s Walk

23 August

Arizona Raiders

Mastermind S1 Ep60

25 August

Joan of Arc

26 August


That’s Not Me

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep9

Mastermind S1 Ep61

27 August

Mastermind S1 Ep62

Best Undressed

The First Grader

28 August

Mastermind S1 Ep63

Country Town Pride: Untold Australia

Knightfall S2 Ep6

Black Kite


29 August

Asylum City S1

Going Places With Ernie Dingo S3 Ep12

Riviera S2 Ep2

Mastermind S1 Ep64

30 August

Mastermind S1 Ep65

Sex Slaves Of The Catholic Church S1

60 Days In S1

60 Days In Special (The Aftermath)