• Brittany and Johnie search for love in ‘Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia’. (SBS)Source: SBS
If you’re a curious individual, and we know you are, SBS On Demand has plenty to whet your appetite with these fascinating stories from Australia and around the world.
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8 Aug 2019 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2019 - 1:17 PM

Untold Australia

Now into its fourth season, this popular series explores the life-changing milestones of everyday Australians. We’ll meet an Indian–Australian family business patriarch facing pressure from his sons to modernise. Two new recruits at one of Australia’s oldest family-run funeral homes will let us in on what it’s like working with the dead – and the living. A transgender woman will attempt to stage Wagga Wagga’s first ever Mardi Gras parade. But first, we meet six adults with intellectual and learning disabilities as they embark on the search for love.

Four-part series Untold Australia airs on Wednesdays at 8:30pm on SBS.


How Sex Changed The World

This ten-part American documentary series explores the impact of sex on world history. From inside the Oval Office down the decades, to the Roman Empire’s most influential woman, to sex educators and the world of actual rocket science and beyond, everyone’s favourite topic is just as compelling as you’d expect. 

How Sex Changed The World airs on Thursday nights at 9:30pm on SBS VICELAND. 


Also from America comes this sixteen-part series. Each episode introduces us to an addict in crisis, including young divorced mum Sara, who’s on crystal meth, and 39-year-old alcoholic driving instructor, Howard. Their loves ones surprise them with an intervention, desperate to help them. The final episode is a follow-up to check in on how some are faring post intervention.

The Wrestlers

Host Damian Abraham is at the helm of this ten-part series from Canada. He sets out to discover how other cultures have embraced one of America’s greatest exports: professional wrestling. Starting in Mexico, Abraham goes on to visit Bolivia, Japan, the Congo and Canada, finding wildly different interpretations of this spectacle.  

Dark Side Of The Ring

Dark Side of the Ring looks at another side of professional wrestling: its dark underbelly of secrets, until now, hidden from the public eye. The real lives of the athletes who project an outlandish image to the world put one in mind of the adage, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. Episode 1 of the six-part series delves into the death of legendary wrestler, Bruiser Brody.

Scientology And The Aftermath

Actor Leah Remini (The King of Queens) was only 9 when her family became Scientologists. From devout follower up to her abrupt departure in 2013, she reveals what’s really going on behind the scenes, amid strong pressure not to speak out. In this nine-part series, Remini helps others desperate to leave the Church.

Nuts And Bolts

Tyler is an artist and imaginative individual. Over six episodes, he chases his curiosity and, with the help of experts, tries his hand at a bunch of diverse pursuits, including making a stop motion animated film, a super-fast go-kart racer, a pair of sneakers, and even maple syrup to pour over his favourite breakfast, waffles. This series is a lot of fun.

Last Chance High

For some of the country’s most at-risk youth, Chicago’s Moses Montefiore Academy offers the chance to turn their troubled lives around. A team of dedicated staff are on hand to help these kids, often just one mistake away from being imprisoned or committed to a mental facility. We follow their journeys from inside their homes and classrooms.   

The Last Shot

What do you do if your basketball career has gone off the rails, but you still love playing? This series follows a bunch of such men from the USA and Mexico seeking one last shot at making a living playing basketball – by competing in underground cash-prize tournaments.       

Back In The Soviet Bloc

Sydney-based TV producer Julia Nalivaiko was born in Ukraine but grew up in France and Australia. She returns to the bloc to learn about contemporary life in former Soviet nations. In this lushly photographed and fascinating series, Julia visits St Petersburg and Moscow before returning to explore life in the country of her birth.   

Woman With Gloria Steinem

Women are ever present at the intersection of violence and stability, oppression and progression. Over eight gripping episodes, the legendary Gloria Steinem travels the world’s hotspots, meeting women who bravely share their calamitous stories, including Colombia, El Salvador, the Congo, Zambia. For some women in her own backyard, things aren’t looking too good either. Steinem is a formidable force of hope and love.    

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