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Worried you’re missing out when it comes to top viewing? We’ve got your back.
3 Sep 2019 - 4:31 PM  UPDATED 3 Sep 2019 - 4:45 PM

When it comes to quality viewing, there’s a lot out there to choose from. Sometimes the best shows can slip right by you, but don’t worry; we’ve taken a look through the back catalogue and found ten of the top series currently available to stream on SBS On Demand so you can get caught up.


M - The City Hunts A Murderer

Loosely based on Fritz Lang’s classic film, this is a knife-edge thriller where a series of missing children sparks a city-wide crackdown. As the manhunt begins, the police crackdown across Vienna rapidly takes on an authoritarian tinge, and soon everybody – even the city’s criminal population – are out there trying to catch the remorseless killer before he strikes again.

Complete seasons available: 1



Professor T

Professor of Criminology at Antwerp University, Jasper Teerlinck (Koen De Bouw) has a brilliant criminal mind. He’s also a bundle of quirks and tics that make him more than a handful outside the lecture theatre. Outside is where the crimes are happening though, so despite his arrogance, germ-phobia and occasional hallucinations, the police keep calling on him for help… even though it becomes increasingly clear that leaving his safe little bubble is starting to cause him real problems.

Complete seasons available: 3



The Day

In a small Flemish town, a bank robbery goes horribly wrong and the police surround the building to deal with what is now a hostage situation. As the situation escalates, the plight of the hostages becomes more dire, the police are on a hair-trigger, once wrong move could send the whole situation spiralling into chaos and all this might just be exactly what the criminals wanted in the first place.

Complete seasons available: 1



F-ck That's Delicious

Rapper Action Bronson and his crew prowl the New York area looking for the tastiest food in their own unique fashion. Whether it’s checking out the finest eateries in town, hitting up a mall food court, going fishing with hot dogs or setting up their own restaurant, the FTD team are ready to put it to the (taste) test. 

Complete seasons available: 3 



The Typist

Freya Becker (Iris Berben) is a mild-mannered typist for the Berlin homicide department, someone the officers around her hardly even notice. Eleven years ago her daughter disappeared, and when she finds herself typing up a very similar case – one in which the culprit goes free after he takes back the confession she typed up – it quickly becomes clear there’s something dark and sinister lurking beneath her bland exterior.

Complete seasons available: 1




Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank hits the road to track down and explore long forgotten places with the people who love them. Shopping malls, fishing towns, racing tracks, empty school and much of the once-proud city of Detroit are just some of the locations he skates on and skates on by.

Complete seasons available: 1




11-year-old Max (Callum Booth-Ford) identifies as a girl, Maxine. Her mother is largely supportive, if confused; her father thinks it’s a phase she’ll grow out of. For now she’s only allowed to dress as a girl inside the house, but she wants to socially transition and start secondary school as Maxine. Navigating the conflicting and at times hostile reactions to Maxine from her family and the community around her, this three-part UK drama has been widely praised for its sensitive handling of a complex issue.

Complete seasons available: 1



Nirvanna The Band The Show 

Canadians Matt and Jay have a band. Unfortunately, nobody has ever heard of them, and their dreams of playing at Toronto’s Rivoli seem doomed from the start. What follows is a jaw-dropping and consistently hilarious mix of scripted comedy and outrageous pranks as they try to get publicity for their band by drawing those around them into their crazy, twisted world.

Complete seasons available: 2


7 Faces

Seven different yet intertwined characters live in the same apartment block in Istanbul where they’re each forced to deal with a challenge that strikes at the very heart of who they are. For one, it might be a simple party game that turns dark when the guests start to confess their sins; for another, an encounter with a hypnotist might unleash their hidden potential. Ageing, relationships, the urge to have children, even a sex tape; they’re all issues the residents have to face in this thought-provoking series.

Complete seasons available: 1



Most Expensivest

Looking to live the high life? Rapper 2Chainz is checking in on how the other 1% live with this documentary series about the finer things in life. Glamping, going out in style (whether it’s the club or six feet under), high class pets, underwater jetskis, or a $100K martini – you name it, if it’s insanely overpriced then chances are 2Chainz is smoking a blunt next to it.

Complete seasons available: 2



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