• The game participants of '60 Days In'. (SBS Viceland)Source: SBS Viceland
Most of us try to avoid going to gaol… not these plucky volunteers. They've all signed up for '60 Days In' (SBS Viceland, Fri)
Shane Cubis

24 Sep 2019 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2019 - 4:17 PM

60 Days In is the kind of show you wind up binge-watching, because you need to see what happens next. It’s the realest of reality shows, putting people who aren’t criminals into a four-walled environment where different rules apply. You’re probably asking yourself who would put their hand up for something like that, knowing they could be shivved at any time, and the prison guards aren’t even in on the fact that it’s a TV show. Well, here’s your answer…

Robert the teacher is a real worry

Every good reality show needs a wild card, and the instantly unlikable teacher Robert is extremely here to fill that opening. While most of us would be listening with rapt attention during undercover prison training, he’s blithe, narcissistic and headed straight for that shivving we mentioned. And that’s just from the viewers.  

Former marine Zac is all about that SITREP

He’s served in Afghanistan. He wants to be a DEA agent. Aside from being the kind of guy you probably wouldn’t figure high on your party guest lists, Zac seems solid. He asks insightful questions during the training process, and gives good neutral face. Plus he can probably handle himself if things escalate.

Jeffrey goes in vulnerable

When a man repeatedly brings up the teasing he suffered at primary school, you know he’s still working through some stuff. Jeffrey is a shopping mall security guard who dreams of becoming a screw. But does he have the inner reserves of strength required to work with potentially violent criminals?

Isaiah has just finished high school

With an older brother already on the inside, 60 Days In’s youngest participant wants to get a sense of how life is in prison. A fun game is to picture your teenage self in his place, and imagine what you’d do to survive and/or thrive. Especially when you don’t have any commissary money yet. 

“Yasmin” is not her real name

Shadow-boxing out of her father’s boxing shadow, Muhammad Ali’s daughter Maryum works with at-risk youth and wants to get to know life on the inside. She’s doubly undercover here, using a fake name in case she’s recognised from her past TV appearances.

Military wife Barbra thinks prison’s a free ride

There are some people who consider prison to be more luxury resort than crime deterrent. Barbra is here to show life inside isn’t that tough. On the other hand, she doesn’t have many female friends in the outside world, so who knows what relationships she’ll form in the cells? 

Police officer Tami misses her uniform

If you want to see how close some people wear their damage to the surface, look no further than Tami. Bounced around foster homes as a teenager, she learnt to protect herself, which means her good heart is ready to put the shields up at a moment’s notice. Tami’s a police officer, and from the get-go you can tell she’ll have some trouble adjusting to badgeless interactions with hardening crims.

Season 1 of 60 Days In airs on Fridays at 7:30pm on SBS VICELAND. It is also is streaming now at SBS On Demand:

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