• ‘Struggle Street’ returns with season 3 this month. (SBS)Source: SBS
October abounds with exciting programs. Arriving are bizarre Canadian comedy ‘Letterkenny’, the glorious Italian film ‘Call Me By Your Name’, brand-new Norwegian crime series ‘Wisting’, which also stars Carrie-Anne Moss in a cross-cultural twist on Nordic noir, and the much anticipated third season of ‘Struggle Street’, and so much more.
SBS Guide

26 Sep 2019 - 4:00 PM  UPDATED 26 Sep 2019 - 4:26 PM

1 October

A Birder’s Guide to Everything




Harlots S1 and S2

Medici: Masters of Florence

My Mistress

New Girl S1­–S7

Public Enemy S1

Secrets of our Cities

She Killed in Ecstasy

The Angels’ Share

The Orville S1

Vampyros Lesbos

2 October


3 October

Amra And The Second Marriage

Memoir Of War

Public Enemy S2

4 October

Arsene Lupin


Bugsy Malone

Jungle Book

Lola And Her Brothers

Love Me If You Dare

The Day I Saw Your Heart

The Female Brain

The Names Of Love

You’re Killing Me Susana

5 October


The Death Of Stalin

7 October

Christians Like Us S1 E1–E2

Last Chance Harvey

Marry Me, Marry My Family S1

Muslims Like Us Australia S1 E1–E2

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 E12

The Obesity Myth S1

8 October

Jerry Springer: The Opera

Valley Of Shadows

9 October

Struggle Street S3 E1

10 October


11 October


Danny’s House S1

Harlots S3

Jasper And Errol’s First Time S1

Look At Me



Saint Laurent

The King’s Choice

The Tiger Brigades

12 October

Borg Vs McEnroe

14 October

Destination Flavour S1

Destination Flavour China S1

Destination Flavour Japan S1

Destination Flavour Down Under S1

Destination Flavour Scandinavia S1

Destination Flavour Singapore S1

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 E13

15 October

Letterkenny S1


16 October

Near Dark

Struggle Street S3 E2

17 October

Madame Bovary

Wisting S1

18 October


April Apocalypse

Are We Not Cats

Cabin Fever

Dead In 3 Days

Devil’s Candy

Let The Right One In

Only Lovers Left Alive

School’s Out

The Light On The Hill

19 October

Call Me By Your Name

Save Your Legs!

20 October

Pet Sematary

The Oasis

21 October

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S2 E14

22 October

Tent And Sex S1

23 October

Struggle Street S3 E3

24 October

Medici: The Magnificent S2

The X-Files S1–S5

25 October

Brave Men’s Blood

In The Shadows



The Man On The Train

26 October

Vanilla Sky

27 October

The Great Battle

28 October

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 E15

29 October

How Mad Are You?

30 October

Struggle Street S3 E4

31 October

Pros And Cons S1