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11 Oct 2019 - 8:58 AM  UPDATED 11 Oct 2019 - 8:58 AM

Struggle Street season 3

The first two seasons of Struggle Street sparked a national conversation about the disadvantage facing some of our most vulnerable communities. (Catch up with season 2, now at SBS On Demand.) With poverty affecting more and more Australians, those of us living outside the capital cities are even more hard-hit. Season 3 travels to the agricultural heartland of the NSW Riverina region, to Wagga Wagga and its surrounding townships. Here, we meet people doing it tougher than most due to the ongoing drought, homelessness, mental ill-health and the effects of drugs and alcohol. Their stories teach us what life is like on the land, and in rural and regional Australia from a deeply personal perspective.

Season 3 of Struggle Street continues on Wednesdays at 8:30pm on SBS, with episodes at SBS On Demand after broadcast. Here is episode 1:

Muslims Like Us

With the prevalence of news coverage, you might be surprised to learn Muslims make up fewer than three per cent of our population. How much of what we think we know about Muslims comes directly from this coverage? In this two-part series, ten Muslim Australians share a home for a week, and tell their own stories. Many have vastly different views on their faith; all share what it means to them to be a Muslim in today’s Australia. Fascinating viewing to open the mind and heart.  

Christians Like Us

Like its counterpart, Muslims Like Us, in Christians Like Us ten Christian Australians share a house for a week. They also share plenty of thoughts on what makes a good Christian, opening up disagreements as clashing viewpoints meet. They discuss controversial issues including sexual abuse in the church, abortion and women priests. Throwing together Christians of different denominations and wildly different life experiences, including a woman who performs abortions, and a man who went through gay conversion therapy, this two-part series is an eye-opener.

Marry Me, Marry My Family

Congratulations! You’ve decided to marry the love of your life. But how will your family react when you tell them your person is from a different culture? In this three-part series six couples share their wedding preparations in the wake of the impact their culture clash has had on their families. With a third of weddings in Australia between mixed race couples, all manner of differences crop up. Chaos and colour ensue. Will love prevail?  

The Obesity Myth

Filmed in Melbourne, this three-part documentary series follows morbidly obese patients as they embark on a weight loss program conducted at Austin Health. Here the doctors take a different approach to obesity, treating it as a chronic genetic disease as opposed to a lifestyle choice. The patients come from different backgrounds and are different ages, but all are at risk of dying early due to their condition. Prepare for some myths to be busted and to cheer on the patients determined to reclaim their lives.

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