• (L-R): Orna, Annie and Mau in COUPLES THERAPY, "Episode 7". Photo Credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME. (Showtime)Source: Showtime
As we delve into ‘Couples Therapy’ sessions, all things sex, dating and relationships are top of mind. SBS On Demand has you covered with this collection of shows available to stream.
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14 Feb 2020 - 11:21 AM  UPDATED 17 Feb 2020 - 4:54 PM

Couples Therapy

This documentary series from the US follows four couples in their weekly therapy sessions. Guided by world-class therapist, Dr Orna Guralnik, the couples move through struggles, confrontations and breakthroughs. This insightful series unlocks the hidden world of other people’s relationships, and doesn’t feel as voyeuristic as you might think.

Couples Therapy screens Thursdays from 9:25pm on SBS VICELAND. All episodes are now available at SBS On Demand.

7 Days Of Sex

From Denmark comes this three-part documentary that asks two couples per episode to have sex every day for a week. Amid juggling busy lives and children, their sex lives have all but petered out. Can they meet this challenge and fit in some quality time? And will it help them find their spark again?

7 Days of Sex is avalable to stream in full at SBS On Demand 

Sex Tape UK

In this four-part documentary, couples with relationship issues film their most intimate moments in the bedroom, then face the music – a relationship therapist views the footage and offers feedback and tips on how they could improve their connection, sexual and otherwise. For some couples, this is a last-ditch effort. Will it save them?

Season 1 of Sex Tape is available to stream at SBS On Demand 


Best friends Ellen Page (Juno) and Ian Daniel travel the world to explore LGBTQI communities, attitudes and interpersonal relationships around the globe. Covering the Americas, Asia and Europe, they discover a multiplicty of attitudes, struggles and unexpected delights along the way.

Gaycation is availale to stream at SBS On Demand


Sex writer Karley Sciortino puts her body on the line in this two-season documentary series, seeking answers to a plethora of sex-related questions. Challenging outdated notions of female sexuality, gender and love, Sciortino meets man servants, visits strip clubs, discovers virtual reality porn and finds happy ending massages for women, among plenty of other adventures.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Slutever are available to stream at SBS On Demand



From France, this three-season documentary is an exploration of sex, as the title gives away. Host Lili blends scientific discovery and adventure as she seeks to learn the source of our basest instincts. This show has a lot to teach us about ourselves, for better or worse.

Seasons 1 - 3 of Sexplora are available to stream at SBS On Demand


Valérie Blais, Canadian actor and comedian, hosts this documentary series that takes us inside the world of escorts in Quebec. We learn the extraordinary stories of the men and women who offer pleasure, comfort and intimacy, and they share some unique, unusual and sometimes disturbing client requests.

Season 1 of Escorts is available to stream at SBS On Demand 

Marry Me Marry My Family

We’re into season 2 of this fascinating Australian series that explores the chaotic and colourful world of intercultural relationships. We meet six couples on the approach to their wedding day as they attempt to gain acceptance and bridge gulfs between their parents’ wishes and their own desires. Also available in Chinese and Arabic.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Marry Me Marry My Family are available to stream at SBS On Demand

Date My Race

Presenter and African-Australian journalist Santilla Chingaipe is looking for love. She explores the role race plays in online dating and reveals surprising patterns in racial preferences. This playful look at modern dating will challenge Australians to think about what drives their own romantic attraction and connection. Does having racial preferences when choosing a partner make us racist?  

Date My Race is available to stream at SBS On Demand (English, with Arabic subtitles).


How Sex Changed The World

Running with the premise that sex can be more volatile than dynamite, this American documentary explores sex in the context of world history, and how it changes when sex backfires. They discover stories involving the USA’s founders, the exceedingly powerful and leading scientists, among others.

Season 1 of How Sex Changed the World is available to stream at SBS On Demand

Let’s Talk About Sex

From the UK comes this hilarious three-part documentary in which families have frank, forthright and incredibly funny conversations about sex. Danny Dyer, Miriam Margolyes, Alastair Campbell, London Hughes and Ulrika Jonsson provide answers to the big questions about the birds and the bees, while participants, parents and their teens, look at what sex education tells us and how it’s changed over the years. 

Season 1 of Let's Talk About Sex is available to stream at SBS On Demand

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