Four young men are found dead in an empty swimming pool in a bizarre case that rapidly brings detectives Sørensen and Holm face to face with their own demons.
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23 Mar 2020 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 23 Mar 2020 - 11:26 AM

Only a few months have passed since detective Max Sørensen and his wife, lawyer Asha, lost their son. Life has almost come to a standstill. In an attempt to move forward, Max applies to be transferred to a new job at Oslo Homicide. Max is teamed up with detective Sander Holm who knows the underworld of Oslo and has no illusions about what it takes to get the job done. Where Max is an ethical and by-the-book detective, but also perhaps a bit naïve, Sander is hardened and bitter. The pair butt heads immediately.

The men are called to the mysterious death of four young immigrant boys in an abandoned swimming pool on the outskirts of Oslo. There are no signs of violence or drugs, but the presence of eels at the crime scene has an odd effect on both men – an eerie feeling that seems to seep into their bones. That night both detectives have vivid nightmares. The next morning, neither man can shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right. Meanwhile, a storm hits the city. Streets and buildings are flooded.


Max and Sander quickly discover that a fifth boy, immigrant Jabrill, was also at the crime scene. Jabrill has been charged for the murder of a white, female Norwegian law student and has disappeared from a juvenile detention centre. The court of ‘public opinion’ already believes he’s guilty, though he hasn’t yet had his day in court. The detectives set out to find him, hoping he’ll be the key to solving the case.

Unfortunately, he turns out to be a difficult person to find. In pursuit of Jabrill, Max and Sander must navigate through underground environments filled with prostitution, human trafficking and murder. As they delve deeper into these environments, things begin to happen that they cannot fully explain - dreams go into hallucinations, and as their perceptions of reality are put to the test, they have to ask themselves what they are actually hunting for.

Max and Sander have to confront their worst nightmares and cope with the misdeeds of their pasts to resolve the matter, or lose everything in the trial. 

Seizure is available to stream for free at SBS On Demand now.



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