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With a mix of top-quality drama and documentary series, we have you covered with our April offerings.
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30 Mar 2020 - 10:44 AM  UPDATED 30 Apr 2020 - 12:12 PM

Taken Down

Set in Dublin, this crime drama, from the director of award-winning Peaky Blinders and creators of Love/Hate, is gripping viewing. At its heart is the centre housing newly arrived asylum seekers. When Esme, a young Nigerian girl, is found dead at a bus stop, Inspector Jen Rooney (Lynn Rafferty) is called in. After another girl, Flora, is reported missing, the team uncovers a people-trafficking and prostitution ring targeting the young refugees. They must find Flora before Esme’s killer strikes again. 

Season 1 of Taken Down is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

One Star Reviews

Sweet and charming host Taji Ameen undergoes various experiences that’ve received one-star reviews in this quirky series. Is the dating coach really ‘a full-blown scam artist’? Will New York’s worst rated driving instructor lead him to crash? How bad could the teeth whitening person really be? Taji’s curiosity leads to awkwardness and LOLs in our world where reviews can make or break a business.

Season 1 of One Star Reviews airs on SBS VICELAND in double episodes from 11.50pm on Fridays. Season 1 is also now streaming at SBS On Demand:


Filmed entirely by the participants themselves, Alone follows ten men, carrying only a small backpack, into the wilderness. There, they must survive in harsh, unforgiving terrain, and hunt, build a shelter and fend off predators. Facing extreme isolation and psychological distress, they plunge into the unknown, chasing the $500,000 prize.

Season 3 of Alone airs on SBS VICELAND at 6.50pm on Saturday nights. The full season is also now streaming at SBS On Demand:

Takeshis Castle

You might remember the colourful and bonkers cult Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle that originally aired between 1986 and 1990 in Japan and was aired in Australia as a dubbed comedy game show. When it was shown in Thailand originally it was called Hod, Mun, Ha (โหด มัน ฮา), or Cruel, Thrilling, Fun. It happened to be so much fun, Thailand decided to reboot the show using the original Japanese format (with a few slight changes). Contestants must attempt to get through crazy obstacle courses in order to save Princess Woosenko who is being kept prisoner in Shogun Takeshis castle. 

Takeshis Castle airs weeknights from Monday April 6 at 7:05pm on SBS VICELAND. Seasons 1-4 are available to watch now at SBS On Demand: 


False Flag

Five civilians wake up to find themselves implicated in the kidnapping operation of the missing Iranian Defence Minister. First thought to be a Mossad operation, the civilians deny their involvement, but as the media storm gathers momentum, it’s impossible to stay hidden. The government turns on them, demanding to know what happened. Even their loved ones begin doubting their innocence. This Israeli spy thriller won the Audience Award and Grand Prize at France’s annual Series Mania Festival.

Season 1 of False Flag is now streaming at SBS On Demand: 

Party of Five

From the creators of the original Party of Five, this modern-day update tackles the issue of deportation in the US. When Gloria and Javier Acosta are taken to a detention centre awaiting return to Mexico, their five children are left behind. The eldest, 24-year-old Emilio, takes on the challenge of not only caring for his younger siblings, including a baby, but also trying to keep his music career alive and the family restaurant afloat. This sadly timely series is moving but also uplifting.

Season 1 of Party Of Five premieres on SBS VICELAND from Friday 10 April at 8:30pm. All episodes are now also streaming at SBS On Demand: 


Stripped off his medical licence, Jim Hogan (Adrian Dunbar) returns from abroad to find his family wracked with conflict and tension. How will he provide for the grandchildren and keep everyone safe? What will happen to Fiona (Gillian Mooney) as her illness worsens? Season 2 opens with a catastrophe, then takes us back to understand what led up to it. Fans of this brilliant show, get excited! If you haven’t seen it, season 1 is now streaming, so you can catch up before diving into the second.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Blood are now streaming at SBS On Demand. Watch season 2 now: 


From the producer of The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo comes the action-packed Reprisal. Left for dead by her criminal brother and his gang, Doris (Abigail Spencer) sets out for revenge. When her mission’s bankroll comes under threat, she takes matters into her own hands, infiltrating the gang to take them down from the inside. This femme fatale goes on one killer ride. Also stars Australian Rhys Wakefield as Matty.

Season 1 of Reprisal premieres on SBS at 8:30pm on Wednesday April 22 with a double episode. Single episodes then air weekly, and are available at SBS On Demand the day of broadcast. Here is episode 1:

Before We Die

Oh, the Swedes make good drama. Back in Stockholm, Christian (Moscow Noir’s Adam Pålsson) infiltrates a gang of corrupt police, led by couple Lena and Jan. Hanna and Björn discover the Mimicas have sold the elusive ‘The Leak’ to the gang, making the mission extremely dangerous for Christian, who falls in love with Lena, complicating matters, to put it lightly. Will he get the intel he’s after before he’s found out and his death ordered? Fans of Nordic Noir will love this show.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Before We Die are now streaming at SBS On Demand. Watch season 2 now:


In a similar vein to Australia’s award-winning The Hunting, Norway’s Nudes follows three teenagers struggling to cope with the fallout when their nude pictures appear on social media. Told from the teens’ perspective, the drama sets out to raise awareness for young people on such intimate content.

Season 1 of Nudes is now streaming at SBS On Demand:

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