Enrol yourself in art class, no previous experience necessary. It's perfect pandemic television.
Desanka Vukelich

19 May 2020 - 4:29 PM  UPDATED 19 May 2020 - 4:29 PM

"There’s an artist hidden in … every single one of us," declared Bob Ross back in 1983, when 'The Joy Of Painting premiered on American public television. This Emmy Award-winning instructional TV series went on to air for 11 years, completing a staggering 403 episodes.

Now, SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand open the way for the return of this beloved show.

As we teeter in uncertainty, The Joy of Painting steadies the course, providing not only artistic guidance, but the much-needed meditative effect of focusing only on the present moment. The gentle, soothing pace and timbre of Ross’s voice enhance this effect.

Suitable for all ages, Ross, who stands in front of a canvas, completing one painting each half-hour episode, offers practical tips on how to paint. Using the same equipment and eight colours each week, it is easy to join along.

You feel as though you’re in Ross’s art studio, your own easel set up and ready to go. He makes you believe he believes in you, saying often, ‘you can do it, I know you can’, and it’s a very welcome feeling.

Ross’s show extends a kind of nostalgic comfort, his own calm demeanour bringing much of the joy. Sadly, Ross died not long after the series ended, but the painter left a lasting legacy and a legion of adoring fans. It is easy to see why.

‘If painting does nothing else but make you enjoy nature, it’s worthwhile. Beauty is everywhere. You only have to look to see it.’ 

The Joy of Painting is coming to SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand soon. 

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