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The on-screen talent on the wildly funny ‘Happy Endings’ is pretty incredible.
Dan Barrett

19 May 2020 - 4:32 PM  UPDATED 19 May 2020 - 4:32 PM

It didn’t take long for Happy Endings to become a hip destination show for comedy actors to make an appearance. The show is an absolute who’s who of hilarious comedians with a great mix of guest stars you know incredibly well and others who you’ve seen in a billion movies and shows over the years but have never quite learned their name.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite guest stars from the first season.

June Diane Raphael

Episode: The Sheershow Redemption (episode 12)

It is guaranteed that June Diane Raphael has made you laugh in almost every comedy from the last ten years. A former UCB performer, you can see her regularly in episodes of New Girl as Dr Sadie, but she’s also appeared in Curb Your EnthusiasmVeepDrunk HistoryKroll ShowFlight of the ConchordsParty DownParks and RecreationBoJack HorsemanBig MouthInside Amy SchumerGrace and Frankie, and almost every other TV show.

If you’re a podcast fan, you may have heard her talking about movies on the wildly popular ‘How Did This Get Made?’ with her husband Paul Scheer and comedy oddball Jason Mantzoukas.

Her specialty is playing characters who are too mature to deal with the antics of others, which makes her perfect in this Happy Endings episode playing a high-pressure fiancée who doesn’t want Alex at her wedding because she’s a jinx.

At this stage in her career, June Diane Raphael is comedy royalty.


Max Greenfield

Episode: You’ve Got Male (episode 9)

Nobody this handsome is allowed to be as funny as Max Greenfield. It’s sickening.

When Greenfield first appeared on New Girl, he seemed perfectly cast as the douchey housemate Schmidt. What no one anticipated was that he would become that show’s heart and soul through a combination of being both exceedingly handsome and incredibly weird. Greenfield has the funniest line readings of any TV actor since William Shatner. This is not a criticism.

Viewers might also fondly remember Greenfield from Veronica Mars where he had a recurring role as Deputy Sheriff Leo D’Amato, a fan favourite and love interest in the show.

Greenfield appears in episode 9 of Happy Endings playing a prospective boyfriend for Max. The episode is great fun with Max trying to hide from Alex that Greenfield’s character is the owner of a chain coffee store in the neighbourhood, which Alex is campaigning against over fears of gentrification.

Gina Rodriguez

Episode: Why Can’t You Read Me? (episode 13)

Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez appears in the first season finale of Happy Endings playing Penny’s assistant – a woman the gang is concerned is taking advantage of Penny.

After finding fame on Jane The Virgin, Rodriguez was incredibly quick to not only launch a production company focused on increasing Latino representation on US TV, but she also became politically active through her involvement with a number of charities and businesses. One of her business interests involves selling body positive lingerie that uses its profits to help fund school books, lunches and uniforms for employees’ children.

SBS viewers may have seen Rodriguez in a 2018 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where she played a prospective love interest for everyone’s favourite character, Rosa.

Damon Wayans

Episode: Like Father Like Gun (episode 5)

It seemed inevitable. It’s just surprising Happy Endings did it so early in its run. The real-life father of regular cast member Damon Wayans Jr., who stars as Brad, is the very successful comedy star Damon Wayans.

Wayans Sr. is one of the more famous of the Wayans siblings – a family responsible for films like White Chicks, Little Man and the Scary Movie franchise. They’ve also been successful in television with shows including The Wayans Bros, My Wife and Kids and Marlon. Damon Wayans achieved great success with a number of high-profile roles through the nineties in Mo’ Money, The Last Boy Scout, Major Payne and Bulletproof. Most recently, he’s wrapped up a three-season run starring in the Lethal Weapon TV series.

Wayans Jr. and Sr. had worked together before, with the younger making multiple appearances on his father’s sitcom My Wife and Kids. Junior was also a staff writer on the series for a number of years. It seemed only natural that we’d see Senior make an appearance on Happy Endings. In the episode, he appears as Brad’s father – a man who has always worked too hard and freaks out after a health scare.

The Wayans obviously have a great chemistry together, and it is one of the most memorable guest appearances on the show.

Also watch out for:

Throughout season 1 keep your eyes peeled for Brett Gelman, Paul Scheer (husband of the aforementioned June Diane Raphael), Gil Ozeri, Danielle Schneider, Rob Huebel, Seth Morris, Mike Hagerty, Nat Faxon, Jon Daly, Nick Thune and TJ Miller.

While not a comedian, also keep your eye out for The Handmaid’s Tale star O-T Fagbenle in the episode where Dave and Alex consider removing their his & hers tattoos.

Happy Endings airs multiple episodes on SBS VICELAND on Saturdays from 5.00pm.  Every episode is streaming now at SBS On Demand. Here’s episode 1:

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