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With our wide variety of documentaries, both homegrown and international, brilliant selection of movies and acclaimed drama and comedy series, SBS On Demand is your one-stop entertainment shop. Enjoy these shows while you still can!
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1 August

Deadly Destruction S1 Ep1–4

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep17 – Bardon Mill To Wigton

Make It Right

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep2 – Barry Cable

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep3 – Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin

Nyoongar Footy Magic Bio Pics S1 Ep4 – Neil Elvis ‘Nicky’ Winmar

Our Stories S2019 Ep11 – Mikayla

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep9 – Brief Candle

Superstition S1 Ep8–12

The Tall Man

Through The Wormhole S2

When Buildings Collapse

Who Do You Think You Are? S15 Ep4 – Boy George

Watch Walkley Award-winning documentary The Tall Man about what happened on Palm Island following the death of local Indigenous man, Cameron Doomadgee, an hour after his arrest. Till 1 August:

2 August

Dad Made Dirty Movies

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep18 – Cockermouth To Eskdale

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep2 – Birmingham To Stafford

Island Paradise: The Torres Strait


Original Sin: Sex S1 Ep1 - Hi-Tech Sex

Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock

The Secret Life of Henry VIII S1 Ep5 – Henry VIII

The Secret Life of King Charles II

The Secret Life of King Louis XIV S1 Ep2 – King Louis XIV

The Secret Life of Mad King George

Starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, Loving tells the story of Richard and Mildred Loving who married against Virginian law in 1967 prohibiting interracial marriage. Till 2 August:

3 August

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep19 – Kirkby-In-Furness To Lancaster

Meet The Polygamists S1 Ep2 – The Winter Ball


Trust Me S1

Vanilla Sky

Who Do You Think You Are? S7 Ep1 – Geoffrey Rush

Who Do You Think You Are? S7 Ep5 – Dawn Fraser

Who Do You Think You Are? S7 Ep7 – Greig Pickhaver

4 August

Black Divaz

Decoding The Great Pyramid

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep21 – Ayr To Paisley


Queen Of The Desert

The Kimberley Cruise: The Full Journey


5 August

24 Hours In Emergency S15 Ep25 – A Pillar Of Strength

A Ghost Story

All Aboard The Country Bus

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep21 – Bray To Dublin

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep3 – Stoke-On-Trent To Winsford


Our Stories Ep1 – Star Girls

Songlines on Screen – Finding Mawiranga

Sophie’s Misfortunes

The Secrets Of Coca-Cola

Discover how a murky brown medicine invented in 1886 – containing cocaine – became the best-selling soft drink of all time in The Secrets of Coca-Cola. Till 5 August:

6 August


Country Town Pride: Untold Australia (Chinese)

Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep22 – Enfield To Drogheda

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep4 – Dudley To Bridgnorth

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep5 – Otorahanga

Intervention S1 Ep9 – Kelly F And Mark

Intervention S1 Ep10 – Tommy And Rachel

Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia

Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia (Chinese)

Our Stories S2019 Ep13 – Aunty Thelma

The Crusades S1 Ep1–3

The Secret Life Of Death: Untold Australia (Chinese)

Travel Man Christmas Special

Treetime Stories

Turban Legend: Untold Australia (Chinese)

Untold Australia (Arabic)

Tour Florence in December with comedians, host Richard Ayoade and Australia’s Rebel Wilson in the Travel Man Christmas Special. Till 6 August:

7 August

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3 Ep8–12



Great British Railway Journeys S3 Ep23 – Dundalk To Portadown

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep5 – Welshpool To Aberystwyth

Inside Aldi

Killer Floods

Killer Hurricanes

Killer Volcanoes

Our Stories Ep1 – Foreshore

The Attack – Countdown To Terror

How did German supermarket Aldi overcome the many odds to succeed in the UK? Find out in Inside Aldi, till 7 August:

8 August

Colony S1 Ep6–10

Delivering The World: Inside DHL S1 Ep1–4

Follow The Rock

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep6 – Portsmouth To Gomshall

Great Irish Railway Journeys S3 Ep24 – Belfast To Whitehead


Nyami Ngaarlu-Gundi Woman of the Water

Our Stories: Cooking Kastom

Pocahontas: Beyond The Myth

Songlines on Screen – Niminjarra

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep10 – Thor’s Hammer

The World’s Busiest Stations S1 Ep1–4 (New York, Calcutta, Melbourne, Zurich)

For the last 50 years, First Nations of B.C., Canada, gather to do battle on the basketball court. Watch the competition heat up in Follow The Rock till 8 August:

9 August

America In Colour S1 Ep1–5 and S2 Ep1–6

Great Irish Railway Journeys S3 Ep25 – Ballymoney To Londonderry

My Extreme Life S1 Ep1–9

My Maori Midwife S1 Ep1–10

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home

10 August


Beauty And The Beast

Einstein And Hawking S1 Ep1 and 2

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep10 – Edinburgh To Kirkcaldy

Hell Or High Water

How To Get Fit Fast S2 Ep1–3

Meet The Polygamists S1 Ep3 – The Baptism

Songlines on Screen – The Greedy Emu

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

The King’s Speech

Whisky Galore

Watch fun Indian romantic comedy, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, till 10 August:

11 August

Equator From The Air S1 Ep1–4

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep11 – Swindon To Bristol

Great Wall Of China: The Hidden Story

Mandela: The Passing Of An Icon

Toxic Town: The Corby Poisoning

True Evil: The Making Of A Nazi S1 Ep1–6

12 August

A Monster In Paris

Angels Gather Here

Depression And Me

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep12 – Yatton To Weston Super Mare

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep7 – Working To Clapham Junction

Richard The Stork

Former spin doctor of Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell talks about his depression and whether radical new treatments can make a difference. Depression And Me is streaming till 12 August:

13 August

Buwarrala Aryah

Dallas Buyers Club

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep13 – Torquay To Totnes

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep6 – Lumsden Nokomai

Intervention S1 Ep11 – Michael And Brooks

March Of The Penguins

The Name Of The Rose S1 Ep1–8

The Piano

Follow the March of the Penguins till 13 August:

14 August

Child Of Our Time: Turning 20

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep14 – Bugle To Mevagissey

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep8 – London Victoria To Abbey Wood

Nomad In The Saddle

Scotland From The Sky S1 Ep1–3

Still Alice

The Fall

Tony Robinson’s World By Rail S2 Ep1–6

Vanity Fair

15 August

Charlie’s Country

Drain Alcatraz

Gadget Man S3 Ep7 – Self Improvement

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep15 – Truro To Penzance

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep9 – London Kings Cross To Peterborough

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep11 – The Torment Of Tantalus

The Fringe Dwellers

Why Me?

16 August

Grand Tours Of Scotland’s Lochs S3 Ep1–5

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep16 – Buxton To Matlock

Kaitangata Twitch

Lady Jane Grey: Murder of A Child Queen S1 Ep1–3

Raped In Custody

Sunny And The Dark Horse

New Zealand film Kaitangata Twitch is a supernatural eco-thriller young teens will enjoy. Till 16 August:

17 August

Aerial Asia S1 Ep1–4 (Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia)

Emptying The Tank

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep17 – Cromford To Burton

Lagau Danalaig – An Island Life

Mama Africa

Meet The Polygamists S1 Ep4 – The Priesthood Council

Otelo Burning

Uproar In Heaven

Mama Africa is the biography of South African singer and anti-apartheid activist, Miriam Makeba. On till 17 August:

18 August

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep18 – Walsall To Bournville

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep15 – Langley Mill To Melton Mowbray

Karla Grant Presents First School S2019 Ep20 – First School At Middle Beach

Mont Saint-Michel, Scanning The Wonder

Race For Justice

Supervolcano S1 Ep1–2

The Odyssey

19 August

Dust And Bones

Go 8 Bit: The Video Game Show S1 Ep1–6

Great British Railway Journeys S1 Ep19 – Coventry To Watford

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep10 – Spalding To Grimsby


How To Lose Weight Well S1 Ep1–3


The 2000s S1 Ep1–8

The September Issue

The Windsors’ Lost Letters S1 Ep1–3

White Tuft The Little Beaver

While Takeover is an Australian documentary from 1979, its observations of a conflict between an Indigenous minority and a powerful government are timeless, and indeed, universal:

20 August

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep19 – Murder In The Woods Part 1

Born To Dance

Date With An Angel

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep11 – Stirling To Invergowrie

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep7 – Rerewhakaaitu

Karla Grant Presents Lost Diamonds S2019 Ep26 – Lost Diamonds

Keeping The Language

Lost Diamonds

Our Stories S2019 Ep21 – The 50,000-Year-Old Silk Road

The Secret Life of Al Capone

The Secret Life Of Death: Untold Australia

The Secret Life of Edward VIII

The Secret Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Secret Life of Peter The Great

The Secret Life of Princess Margaret

From director Tom McLoughlin Date With An Angel is a romantic comedy fantasy film. Enjoy it till 20 August:

21 August

Anger Within: Jonah Lomu – A Rugby Legend

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep1 – Brighton To Crystal Palace

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep12 – Dundee To Aberdeen

Home To Me

The Restaurant That Burns Off Calories

V E Day – Minute By Minute

From the violence and poverty of southern Auckland to rugby league stardom and to life on dialysis, this is Jonah Lomu as you’ve never seen him before. Anger Within: Jonah Lomu – A Rugby Legend is available till 21 August:

22 August

A Kid Like Jake

Chasing The Light

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep2 – Waterloo To Canary Wharf

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep13 – Dufftown To Aviemore

Hand Talk Bush Hunt

Inside The Orient Express S1 Ep1–2

Killer Bridges

Mary And Max

Our Stories S2019 Ep23 – Aunty Barbara Simms – Our Lady Of Lapa

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep12 – Bloodlines

Taboo S9 Ep1 – Bizarre Burials

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep7 – Connecting The World

The New York Times Presents: The Weekly S1 Ep8 – Hard Left

In this episode of The New York Times Presents: The Weekly, young activists push the Democratic Party further to the left as its presidential candidates vie to unseat President Trump:

23 August

Amy Winehouse: Back To Black

Asterix At The Olympic Games

Mary Beard’s Shock Of The Nude S1 Ep1–2

The Program

Urban Native Girl S1 Ep1–13

24 August

Biggie And Tupac

Birth Of A Movement

Extreme Railway Journeys S6 Ep1–4

Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep3 – Enfield To Cambridge

Luther S1 Ep1–3

Meet The Polygamists S1 Ep5 – God Has Spoken

Stockman’s Strategy

Filmmaker Nick Broomfield examines the unsolved murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls in Biggie and Tupac. Till 24 August:

25 August


Great British Railway Journeys S2 Ep4 – Ely To King’s Lynn

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep14 – Inverness To Plockton

Homeland S8 Ep1–12

Luther S1 Ep4–6

Luther S2 Ep1–2

Pompeii: Life Before Death

Secrets of the Angkor Empire

The Finishers

Catch the final season of acclaimed drama series Homeland starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, till 25 August:

26 August

Daughters of the Sexual Revolution


Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep15 – Invergordon To John O’groats

Luther S2 Ep3–4

Luther S3 Ep1–2

Man on Wire

Our Stories S2019 Ep26 – Deebing Creek

Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways S1 Ep1–6

Amble along an old railway route in Scotland in Walking Britain’s Lost Railways. Till 26 August:

27 August

24 Hours In Police Custody S4 Ep20 – Murder In The Woods Part 2

Collum Calling Canberra

Country Town Pride: Untold Australia

Everyday Brave S1 Ep1–6

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep16 – London Paddington To Warminster

Hunting Aotearoa S11 Ep8 – Northland Pig Hunt

Irrational Man

Karla Grant Presents Wawu Divine Hope S2019 Ep28


Luther S3 Ep3–4

Luther S4 Ep1

Nyurruwyi Yurrampi

Secrets of HM Prison: Wormwood Scrubs

Stacey Dooley: Whale Wars

Stolen Glory: The Tale Of Porky Brooke

Thick Lashes Of Lauri Mantyvaara

Everyday Brave profiles Indigenous Australians. Episode 1 follows Bonita Mabo, widow of Eddie, who raised ten children single-handedly. Season 1 is available till 27 August:

28 August

10 Mistakes That Sunk The Titanic

Behind the Blue Line: Untold Australia

Eye In The Sky

Great British Railway Journeys S4 Ep17 – Salisbury To Castle Carey

Luther S4 Ep2

The Great Boeing 787

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross S2 Ep1–13

Warrior Women With Lupita Nyong’o

If you loved Life Drawing Live, you’ll love The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Under his encouraging tutelage, what will you create? Season 2 is streaming till 28 August:

29 August

Pet Sematary

Stargate SG-1 S1 Ep13 – Fire And Water

Taboo S9 Ep2 – Changing Gender

30 August

Building The Tube S1 Ep1–3

Esio Trot

Front Up 1997 S1997 Ep1–2

Original Sin: Sex S1 Ep2–5

Sex Revolutions S1 Ep1

Student Sex Workers S1 Ep1

Tempting Devils

Tony Robinson’s Coast To Coast S2 Ep1–2

31 August

A Conspiracy Of Faith

A Date For Mad Mary

A woman newly released from prison seeks a date to bring to her best friend's wedding in the Irish comedy A Date for Mad Mary, streaming until 31 August:

A Mighty Heart

A Monster With A Thousand Heads

A Royal Affair

A Second Chance

Adult Life Skills

After The Storm

Alone In Space



Battle Of Memories

Big Game


Bosch S6

Season 6 of Bosch leaves on 31 August:

Brotherhood Of Blades 2

Cavendish S1

Have you watched the Canadian comedy series with a supernatural twist? Cavendish is available till 31 August:

Cemetery Of Splendour

Chaotic Ana

Chris Rock: Bring The Pain

Christians Like Us S1 Ep1–2

Danger: Diabolik


Despite The Falling Snow

Devotion Of Suspect X

Divine Love



Featuring Viola Davis' Oscar winning performance, Fences is available until 31 August:

Forged In Fire S1 Ep1–8

Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary

Get Low



Hoarders S2

Ilo Ilo

In Order Of Disappearance

In The Aisles

Instinctive Desires S1

Kiki, Love To Love

Ku’damm 59 S2 Ep1–3

Kung Fu Hustle

Land Of The Bears

Last Chance Harvey

Let’s Talk About Sex S1 Ep1–3

Like Water For Chocolate

Little Men

Lost In Armenia

A comedy about a case of mistaken identity, enjoy Lost in Armenia till 31 August:

Love And Peace

Love Crime

Love Me If You Dare

Marry Me, Marry My Family S1 Ep1–3

Mean Creek

Mean Machine

Memoir Of War



Muslims Like Us Australia S1 Ep1–2


My Awkward Sexual Adventure



Set in 1948 Chile, Gael Garcia Bernal stars as Pablo Neruda in this Argentinian biography of the then senator. Neruda is available till 31 August:

Operation Arctic



Reinventing Marvin

Rosalie Blum

Safety Not Guaranteed

Schultze Gets The Blues

Secret Of Moonacre

Sonja: The White Swan

Strange Birds


The Admiral

The Adventurers

The Counterfeiters

Don't miss the Academy Award winning film The Counterfeiters, streaming until 31 August:

The Dancer

The Fortress

The Foundation S1 Ep1

The Guilty

The Man On The Train

The Obesity Myth S1 Ep1–3

The Osbournes: The Price Of Reality

The Queen Of Spain

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Rise Of Trash TV

The Score

The Underground To The Mainstream S1 Ep2

The Unicorn

Turning Tide

Under The Wire: Life Of A War Reporter

Viva Riva

A small-time criminal returns to Kinshasa in the Congo with a major score. With cash to splash, he enjoys a new romance, but a crime lord is hot on his tail. The award-winning Viva Riva is streaming till 31 August:

Wasted On The Young


Worlds Apart



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