Penny, Max, Jane, Brad, Alex and Dave are all finally back for a reunion episode of 'Happy Endings' and it's all for a good cause.
Ally Caracatsanis

21 Jul 2020 - 11:58 AM  UPDATED 21 Jul 2020 - 12:48 PM

There have been lots of rumours surrounding whether the gone-to-soon comedy Happy Endings would ever come back for a reunion. We did get the 'Lost episode - 401' table read at Entertainment Weekly‘s EW PopFest in 2016, and now we have been blessed once again as the team united for a special charity event and live Q&A. The event occurred to raise money and awareness for Color of Change and José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, supporting Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief efforts.

Of course it was ah-mah-zing and will have you again wondering, "How did this show get cancelled?!". Here are a few selected highlights. 


What is it about?

The episode is a Zoom call (something with which many of us are now very familiar) between the friends and we see how they've been coping during the pandemic - or, as it will now be known, the 'pandemmy' (thank you Penny).  It is as you would expect: Penny is excited about her doctor boyfriend working the front lines; Max is high while house-sitting; Jane is completely prepared for a pandemic as she's been running simulations since she was a child; Brad is stuck in Florida because Jane won't let him come home until he's done 10 weeks of quarantine; Alex is an online DJ with an animated Zoom background and is a covid denier; and poor Dave lost a heap of money to Fyre Fest and has been on a social media-free retreat in Joshua Tree with Jared Leto and has no idea what's going on (classic Dave).


Inside Jokes

Happy Endings was always a very self aware comedy but these little online reunions always have some great inside jokes that you maybe couldn't get away with on TV. 

The Busy Phillips (fill up) cup that is from Brad and Jane's house, but he somehow has in Florida. Jane pushes Brad how it could be there and he explains that, "maybe the Tampa Bay Ritz is also a fan of Cougar Town and that whole ABC comedy line up that got moved around to death."  One of the big issues with Happy Endings when it originally aired was that the network ABC kept moving it's airtime around. 

Alex says that the Avengers should have won Best Picture at the Oscars over Parasite because "it made the most money ever, I don't even care that it took 2 people to direct it." The directors of Avengers, The Russo Brothers, were also executive producers and directors for Happy Endings.


Parasite and Pandemic Jokes

There are pandemmy jokes and quips aplenty but a highlight is when Jane and Brad somehow get turned on by the pandemic, because of course they do, after discovering Brad is in a Parasite-type room in their basement.

- "You're going to stay all up in my basement."

- "You're going to go from asymptomatic to d-symptomatic."

- "Come and get it, you Bong Joon-ho."  (Yes, they really said that.)  

As the chaos on the call builds and Alex is about to drop a bombshell at the end of the episode it all wraps up like so many Zoom calls do, with every little video square frozen, and we get a cameo from dear Derrick.


You can watch "And the pandemic goes to..." a Happy Endings event on YouTube.


As well as the Live Q&A.


If you want more Happy Endings you can watch the complete seasons 1 - 3 now at SBS On Demand.



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