• ‘Every Family Has A Secret’ host Noni Hazlehurst. (SBS/David Dare Parker)Source: SBS/David Dare Parker
A diverse group of six Australians are determined to lift the veil on family secrets, no matter how confronting the truth may turn out to be.
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24 Aug 2020 - 1:41 PM  UPDATED 24 Sep 2020 - 9:32 AM

The exposure of a suspected killer of three migrant women, the truth behind a baby boy’s mysterious death and the revelation of a possible Soviet Spy within Australia – these are just some of the extraordinary stories featured in the new season of Every Family Has A Secret.

In this impeccably researched documentary, hosted by Noni Hazlehurst, the six participants travel widely in their hunt for answers. 

Perth woman Ellis Treleaven was born in a Nazi concentration camp. Ellis traces her Dutch Jewish mother’s path through the Holocaust to uncover not only the shocking secrets surrounding her own birth but the true identity of her father.

Marie O’Connor, a Perth-based nurse, travels to Italy, searching for the truth about her father and the heartbreaking circumstances of her baby brother’s death.

Perth teacher Matthieu Heimel investigates clues surrounding his mother’s disappearance and suspected murder in Melbourne. Matthieu’s search leads Victoria police to revisit three cases involving missing migrant women.

Sydney businesswoman Kerry Stevenson digs into her mother’s glamorous past as an actress, dancer and wife to a Hollywood movie mogul, discovering the secret history her mother tried so hard to bury.

“They are extraordinarily brave to be willing to embark on these searches for answers to their family secrets, and to have their trust as we search on their behalf is something one can never take for granted,” said Hazlehurst.

We will also meet Perth woman Elizabeth Brierley who seeks the truth about her sex worker mum and her connection to murdered Western Australian brothel owner Shirley Finn. Among many revelations, Elizabeth finally discovers who her father was.

And Paris-based Australian expat Paul Morris delves into the murky world of espionage to discover whether his father was a Soviet spy or just a man unfairly targeted because of his political beliefs. Uprooted from his birthplace and spending his childhood in China and Russia, Paul returns to Australia seeking the truth about his father.

Intimate secrets are unearthed, estranged family members are reunited, and lives are forever changed in this emotional and confronting series. Watch the trailer here:


Every Family Has A Secret season 2 premieres on Tuesday 22 September at 7.30pm on SBS. Episodes will also screen as an encore on SBS VICELAND Thursdays at 11pm.

Watch the first episode of Season 2 here: 


Every Family Has A Secret will be subtitled in Simplified Chinese and Arabic and added to the subtitled collection at SBS On Demand, available immediately after its premiere.



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