What happened to the crew of the Polaris VI International Research Station over the Antarctic winter? With only two survivors, who knows who is telling the truth?
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25 Sep 2020 - 9:34 AM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2020 - 9:34 AM

After a summer of hard scientific work at Polaris VI International Research Station, most of the crew go back home. Only a few chosen ones stay behind to endure the harsh Antarctic winter. Inexplicably, in the middle of the long polar night, communications with the base are lost.

Weeks later, a team led by Johan, the summer commander, comes to the rescue… only to find the most terrifying scene: a bunch of brutally murdered bodies, two survivors and one missing person: Johan’s wife. Arthur, the veteran in charge of the scientific team, and Maggie, the young and inexperienced doctor, are the only survivors that can shed some light on the crimes. But they are also the main suspects. Both tell completely different stories. Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? And will Johan be able to find his wife before it’s too late?

Let’s run through the crew of Polaris VI so you know who’s who when you start the new addictive thriller, The Head.


JOHAN BERG – Summer Base Commander

A genial man with a gentle character, as summer commander, Johan’s job is not easy: running a base where dozens of people live and work in very close quarters. But it’s there, on the ice, that he first met his loving wife, Annika. And as much as he loves his job, he would like to settle down and start raising kids. He has a hard time leaving Annika on base during the winter. When he returns and discovers the gruesome aftermath of the crimes – and Annika missing – he will have to act quickly. But he’s not a born detective, and he’ll have to learn by doing if he wants to find Annika before it’s too late.



Maggie is a brilliant young medical doctor on her first mission to Antarctica. She exudes a certain fragility that makes people question whether she has what it takes to survive a winter on the ice. She’s been dropped in the middle of a crew of seasoned Winterers, people that know the ice and each other. She takes refuge in Aki, the young biologist for whom she develops strong feelings. The two will stick together when the killer begins his spree. When the summer crew return, she is one of only two survivors on the base. Her story of what happened will guide Johan’s quest for his missing wife.


ARTHUR WILDE – Biologist

Arthur is a genius and he knows it. He’s one of the world’s most respected biologists. His research mission 8 years ago in Antarctica is now legendary in academic and scientific circles. He is back on the ice to finish the mission and bring light to the world in the fight against climate change once and for all, though his arrogance often gets the better of him. One of the only survivors of the Polaris VI murders, he’ll have only his word to prove his innocence.


AKI KOBAYASHI – Microbiologist

Aki is a promising young biologist, new on the team and working on his PhD under Arthur’s supervision. It’s his first time on the ice and he’s eager to prove his worth. He and Maggie hit it off from the start, quickly developing deep feelings for each other. On the surface, he’s a gentle soul, and he’ll do everything he can to protect Maggie when the killings begin. But Aki has another side to him, with a violent streak that he tries to keep at bay. The murders will inevitably put his true and darkest character to the test.


ERIK OSTERLAND – Winter Base Commander

Erik has been winter base commander for many years. He has a military background and can be very tough, but he loves his team and will do anything to keep them safe. Especially Ebba, the love of his life, whom he will protect with all his might when the murders begin. She is what he cares about most, a difficult situation given that Ebba is married and doesn’t plan on changing that.



Annika is a veteran on the ice, having worked under Arthur for many years. She has been married to Johan for some time and they are deeply in love. Separating for the long winter months is not easy for them, especially for Johan, who is ready to start a family. But Annika’s a dedicated professional with a mission to complete. Her job has always come first. After all, that’s how she met Johan in the first place, on the ice.


EBBA ULLMAN – Base Nurse

Ebba is the Polaris VI nurse. A veteran on the ice, the long months away from her family are hard on her, though she loves her job. She has managed to keep her marriage afloat, though her ongoing affair with Erik has taken its toll on them both. For her, what happens on the ice stays on the ice, but she knows that Erik’s feelings run deeper and tries to keep them in check.


HEATHER BLAKE – Computer Officer

Heather is the only American on the team, a young computer officer from Texas with a wild, adventurous spirit. It’s her first time on the ice and she plans to make the most of it. She loves nature and extreme sports. Her job is merely a way to go out into the world and experience the best of what life can offer. She’s an eternal optimist, even when the going gets chillingly tough.



Polaris VI’s cook, Ramón is a regular in Antarctica. He’s not a big fan of people, which is why he keeps returning to the ice, his safe zone. The base is his home, and the crew, his family. He mainly gets along with the crew, but his character can quickly turn under pressure. He likes to read and meditate, and is a huge philosophy buff. That’s how he keeps his inner demons at bay, for Ramón is hiding a deep secret. One that will haunt him when the killings begin.


MILES PORTER – Communications Officer

Miles, Polaris VI’s communications officer, is the definition of an “ice junkie”. He’s been on mission after mission for the past 15 years. He has a hard time functioning in the civilised world. He’s always been a little odd, and the years on the ice have made him even odder. One could say he wants to live and die on the ice. And when the killer starts attacking, he very well may get his way.


NILS HEDLUND – Base Technician

As Polaris VI’s technician, Nils is in charge of maintenance and repairs. He’s an old pro who’s done the rounds in the South Pole for years. He knows the base like no one else and he keeps it in top shape, but his drinking habit often gets in the way of his socialising. He mainly keeps to himself to stay out of trouble. His tough character will make him a prime suspect when the murders begin.


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